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7/12 c3 tyog56
Get well soon.
12/17/2017 c3 5CaptainRolo
sooon new chapter pleassss
8/26/2017 c3 s.carolina
I think the TERREN union human faction Should be in the next chapter
8/26/2017 c3 Thread
Why do I want domination to be an option when I read this? It's good and it seems that their roles are effecting their attitudes also. Very interesting.
8/27/2017 c3 1ArchAngel319
Thanks for another awesome chapter. Good luck, and as always have fun writing.
8/27/2017 c3 Time Reflects
8/27/2017 c3 Nomquam
I like it so far. It will be interesting how everything will come together later on.
8/18/2017 c2 5The Royal Protector
Alright I'm not an asari expert but I have some common sense and logical thinking in politics and lore. According to ME Thessia is a garden world with around the same characteristics as Earth albeit with a 5C higher avarage temperature. That means no ice caps and more deserts, all this means is that there are a lot of usable living space for asari (it's easier to live on the savannah and steppes than on the tundra, who knew?) Also of note is the fact almost every native species evolved with some form of resistance, or at least tolarence to element zero (some even developed natural biotics) due to the substance's occurrence in the planet's biosphere.

As for military, given their established background in canon we can speculate suprisingly much. Given the fact that the turians are considered the police force of the Council suggests that either every other race has minimal fighting forces readily available or that they surpass the rest of the galaxy so much that it doesn't matter.
Secondly, the Treaty of Firaxen establishes how many dreadnoughts can each species have (for every 5 turian asari can have 3 and salarians 2) If I remember correctly there 27ish turian BBs so that makes a maximum of 16 asari BBs (mind you, the actual number is much lower than that for reasons I will explain)
Asari ethics/culture simply don't fit well with a sizeable military. Everytime we encounter them or hear about them they don't struck us as a miliatistic race, they are a political one.
They don't need a fleet to conquer the galaxy, they have so much economic influence over the galaxy that it's not necessary and having a large fleet would just be a deadweight on the economy with the turians around (let the idiots spend a fortune on fleet maintance in peacetime). With this approach they simply have every other race as a puppet with the asari plucking the strings (this system is all fine and dandy until an actual symmetric war breaks out, then the whole economic empire comes apart at the seams and the rotten structure collapses in on itself)
In a full out war the asari simply wouldn't win neither in the short nor the long term.
In short term they don't have the fleet to achieve a decisive victory and in the long term their industry is simply subpar. They are almost solely focused on their civilian economy (except Armali but they are just one company) and have next to none in terms of military industry and retooling factories takes time, which the asari don't have. Their enemies will just outproduce them over time (they can shoot an enemy battleship out of the skies but three more will replace
it next month)
Ah, the wonders of war economy in full swing.
Anyway, finally the asari just aren't fighters and don't have the required spirit, sure on an individual level they might have some bite but as a society they would just crumple and capiculate in the first couple of months, maybe half a year if I really want to push it. Obviously one would argue that they fought with the krogan and the rachni and they won.
Yes, they did fight them but no, they didn't defeat them. The krogans eradicated the rachni and the turians sterilized them. They indeed held on for centuries but that was a different generation and era. Even with 1000 years lifespan, 95% of war veterans died of old age by first contact, and without an experienced societal layer to lead they would run around like headless chickens with assault rifles and telekinesis.
I hope I could help somewhat, good story so far, keep it up!
8/18/2017 c2 1AscendedHumanity
so basically they have advanced weapons but have stormtrooper accuracy
8/18/2017 c2 causey.trey
Dude...you know navy warship have women on them right. Insinuating that they would rape asari because they look like women is ridiculous. I would suggest you rewrite this chapter. Otherwise great work on the lore
8/13/2017 c1 Guest
If I was him I would check any data banks they have and play with it. Any information he can get on his ship and the original "mission" before going off doing crazy things. Also if it's a fleet who is the Admiral or is it some wierd joint mission thing?

Really good and would be a cool game if it was real. Does that mean they are going to fight the other teams wile the mass effect story is on?
8/12/2017 c1 AllOuttaInk
For a first chapter, this was good. The introduction scenes of the characters were solid if forseeable. Nothing real gripping. I can see some parallels with SAO, the "Oh no the menu" scene for one; Id advuse against such similarities in the future. It makes your story seem rehash with a space sci fi backdropSAO Effect basically, instead of a fresh work with it's own settings and happenings. I'm curious about your choice in vitalizing spoken dialogue in lue of parathesis. Additionally, the are some minor missing words that result in broken sentences. Looking forward to the next installment.
8/11/2017 c1 1ABuzzmann
I like where this is going. Especially knowing how you do your story, I know that this would be of quality.
8/11/2017 c1 1AscendedHumanity
interesting, so is he permanently trapped or can he enter and exit whenever he pleases? Although judging by title its permanent.

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