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10/18 c23 Oghenevwogaga
Nice one
10/15 c15 1UnbredEel0
I love how you had Kenny come and take Annie. That’s something that would totally happen in AOT if Annie wasn’t encased in crystal
10/13 c23 Guest
Loved it, can't wait for the next update
10/12 c23 Dark Dragon Tamer
Is it possible that since the Cave and the Reid’s chapel wasn’t destroyed here, they get their hands on more serum? The arrows family must have had a big stash of it I’d imagine.
10/12 c23 Dark Dragon Tamer
New chapter Spoilers.

They still don’t know that titan serum is just Cerebrospinal fluid. Or they would have been juicing Annie/new girl and Eren like mad.
10/12 c22 Dark Dragon Tamer
I really love the parallels in this story.

Canon Armin bluffs about Annie being tortured when she was taking her crystal bath. Here it actually happens
Canon Annie dreams of getting back to her father, here it actually happens.
The Historia and Ymir thing. I can’t wait to see what happens next there.

Eren and Zeke meeting should be insane
10/12 c15 Dark Dragon Tamer
You know, I was just saying that you need to apply the butterfly effect harder here, rather than just revealing some choice info and saving a few people. Then you pull a Kenny. Complaint withdrawn.

What does Rod want with Annie tho is the question.
10/10 c23 Fluffy Snake
Consider: There's an Eren than only knows Zeke as his older brother.
10/8 c23 shados960
So to sum this awesome chapter up

1. zeke and the warriors got tricked and their assault put in disarray

2. petra became the female titan and ate Annie and faked being her to launch a surprise attack.

3. levi continues being a goddamn badass and seemingly as if it was destined to be annihilated zeke and his beast titan.

4. All of zekes pure titans have been killed

5. And ymir has joined the fray into the battle for shinganshina.

So yeah this was a great action packed chapter with one helluva twist. But seriously it was very creative having Petra inherit female titan(R.I.P annie)very few if any alternate AOT stories did this and the way you did it was a great too for having Petra fake being Annie and actually worked as they shared similar hair color,physique etc all they needed to do was style her hair to be close to Annie’s and dye it a bit and zeke and the warriors wouldn’t have seen a difference at first.

But so far the battle of shinganshina has turned in great favor for our main characters now that warriors war chief has been dealt with.

So can’t wait to see see what happens next in this story and I hope you stay safe and healthy.
10/8 c23 2EnsanityFanatic
The number of ‘Petra becomes the Female Titan’ fanfics are so low that I could count them on the fingers of one hand. Either that or I haven’t seen enough SnK fics in general. Anyways good work as usual! Not going to lie, I do believe this is my favourite of your fanfics, so I’d really like to know what happens next. Hope we see more Eren (both of them) next chapter.
10/8 c1 2Ekfreet
Holy Guacamoly. This is gold.
10/8 c23 Sandi091000
Excellent chapter, update soon, please.
10/7 c23 4Axel771
"Levi Ackerman." Levi lifted his leg. "Nice to meet you." He slammed his boot on Zeke's face with a wet crunch.

Levi, could you stop being awesome for three minutes?
10/7 c23 OswaldRabbit2
Damn, things are going WAY better, like Jesus, this part isn't even recognizable. Considering everything, I suspect Reiner might survive if they don't immediately kill him, the cart Titan is nearby but I don't think Zeke can be saved with the Female Titan near, so... Big changes.
10/7 c23 Noob6
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