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for The perks of being a Wallcrawler (Legacy version)

10/26/2018 c9 2spidergwen
THIS IS SO CUTE! I hadn't cackled so much in years, Peter's dream in class, his relationship with "Bruce", GWEN? i'm dying, I need more :O
9/27/2017 c9 highlander348
9/24/2017 c9 375cornholio4
Wonder how herbie would get along with Karen from homecoming
Cool you used the shockwave title too
9/22/2017 c8 ZandsOfTime
Wish my aliases where as good as yours XD
I really like the story. It's creative and it's a different approach to what we're used to reading and seeing. What I find a bit frustrating when reading this is that it is so fast paced that you can hardly keep up with everything. Think about slowing things down a bit and focus more on the characters and their relationships before throwing them into the deep end fighting villians. Strengthen their bonds cause then it will make them much more likeable heroes. Other than that it's great
9/18/2017 c4 Mrs.Who
What can I say except wow. Interesting plotline and great storytelling. You have a way of writing that is both easy to read and enjoyable. I like the relationship between the Peter and Gwen and look forward to seeing how the story progresses. Keep up the great story!
9/18/2017 c8 Sylvesterchan
This is becoming interesting...
I can't wait to read more about Alex! :3
9/17/2017 c8 cornholio4
Groaned at the title but yay no mephisto
9/13/2017 c7 WinterRain36
What happened with Gwen? Doesn't she have a healing factor like Peter's
9/11/2017 c7 CaptLlunitato
OMG! I absolutely love this story...
Please please please write more...!
I love your writing style and the emotion makes it soooo real ...
Please don't stop writing...
9/10/2017 c7 cornholio4
So the origins of some marvel heroes every referenced
I know that's how it went in the comics with spidey being before most of them but I prefer the mcu approach where Peter had his origin after all he major avenegrs heroes were logn established so he could grow up I dishing them like in my story
9/3/2017 c6 WinterRain36
Good chapter! Hope Gwen makes a appearance in the next chapter. Can you show a scene where she shows how much stronger she is then Peter? Like say Peter can lift a car over his head but Gwen can lift a whole train over her head? Is that possible please? Please?
9/3/2017 c6 cornholio4
Let's see Schultz reaction when his boss gets the news he was the shocker and has been arrested
8/28/2017 c5 cornholio4
Cool, I have my own reboot called Spiderman freshman hero
You think you can read and review it please and I wish you luck with this story
8/28/2017 c1 Ra's 15 GHUL
i love the amount of emotion there is in chapter 5 but the fact that peter is soo blind toward the ways he hurt the people closet to him makes you wonder if he isnt a bad influence i really like the small notes the author leaves it makes you want more really looking forward to the amount of conflict that will arise between alex and peter would also want to see where alex and gwen are friendship wise hope that cap Stacy and pete can work together as allies and that it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and seeing as alex is already as mad at peter i would actually love to see alex throwing a punch or 2 at peter and not being able to hit him but lands a lucky punch on spidy if that makes sense
8/27/2017 c5 highlander348
Great chapter! I hope Peter makes up with Gwen. Boy is he clueless when it comes to girls. (shakes her head in bafflement)
So you said Gwen is three times as strong as Peter? Can you show a demonstration of this again please?
A comparison if you will. Thanks and update soon! :)
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