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10/5/2017 c27 Guest
Not sure why the heck I continue to read this...so not into the Marty connection... Very boring!
10/6/2017 c27 Droolia
It must be cool to be friends with accomplished people. Everyone had a nice, respectable title and were pretty successful in their fields.
10/6/2017 c27 3jldp3
I did I will fix it.
10/5/2017 c27 white demoness
Hi! Love your story! I really like sort of AU stories anda your sanitario is one of the best for this ship!
Hoce ver I think you posted ch 25 as ch 27...
Good luck and love from Argentina!
10/3/2017 c26 thatguy
this is a pretty good marty-rory story not quite as good as takalottis same but different or miguels kismet or captbackfires traveling man but still it’s pretty good so keep up the great writing
10/3/2017 c26 Guest
It’ll be pretty weak if goes back to NYC and ends up with Logan instead of Marty. Seriously, after all the relationship building between herself and Marty, it be a cop out to have a switcheroo like that.
10/2/2017 c26 Droolia
I can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to go to SH after all she has went through. It's awesome that Luke makes such an effort to stay in contact with her. Dan giving Rory his approval over Marty is weird. She's only known him like a week.
10/2/2017 c26 merderluvr
Jess and Luke definitely are very protective of Rory. Although Logans grand gesture was nice, it seems Rory has given up on him and seems to be falling for good old dependable Marty who is more like Luke. If Rory goes to the party with Jess I'm sure Logan is going to do something obnoxious again. He can't control his jealousy when it comes to those two. I usually love Logan but in this story he's a bit of a jerk. I look forward to reading more. Thanks!
10/2/2017 c26 LC42
Rory has some good friends who will always be there for her. I have a feeling that when Rory and Jess walks into the function together Logan will cause a scene he needs to move on cause Rory don't want to be with him. Jess and Luke will always be family to Rory.
9/30/2017 c25 Droolia
Good for Marty for not letting anyone swoop in on his girl.
9/26/2017 c24 Guest
Yes! #TeamMarty FTW
9/28/2017 c25 merderluvr
Aww. Even though I'm more of a Rogan fan you're making me open my mind to her and Marty as a couple. He is a nice guy who would do anything for her. I love the way Brie and Dan are trying to get the scoop on Rory and Marty. It seems like Dan still is interested in pursuing Rory too. Brie definitely wants to know more about Logan the blond hottie. Can't wait for more. I like what you've written so far. Thanks.
9/28/2017 c25 54nightnovice
Having a tough time believing Rory and Marty combo, he is just so bland, she needs a guy like Ace, bold and dynamic. Marty is a good rebound, but not end-game. I am enjoying the story and you paint a good picture, but Marty?
9/25/2017 c23 Guest
I like Marty for Rory. I did in the original series too. I say no to Logan.
9/27/2017 c24 Droolia
I'm assuming it's intentional, but I really hate your Logan. This is coming from a rogan fan. He's just so...entitled. Blech!

Glad the story about dan and Logan came out. Makes a lot of sense.
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