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8/13/2017 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Hello, the beginning seems interesting and i'm curious to see whath you will do. Regarding a headcanon i'd like to see(and thank for the reference to Qrow's theory, i love hummingbird) i have a theory about Salem. I think she was once a powerful huntress(or whathever were called the warrior who fought grimms before the accademies) who adopted and raised as her own four orphan girls after a grimm attack, alias the original Maidens. I gues thath after obtained their powers from the wizard, they were killed by someone greeded or feared by their powers, so Salem begun to hate the wizard and all humanity. The god of darkness offered her to resurrect the girls, if she would became her liutenant and the queen of grimm and eradicate mankind. How thath seems to you? Aniway, keep up the good work and see you later.

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