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7h c29 1Waterflames3
Your first mistake was opening Twitter and expecting to see anything coherent.
11/24 c32 SeanyWants2read
don't know what was the point of having so many people tell him to not hold back and then end the tournament like that
11/23 c46 9Uraharaisgod
Kinda curious how well Yoroi will stack up now. I mean, he fought Avenger 1 vs 1 for a good few minutes, Avenger who still has his Anti-Humanity trait and who could go up against All Might. Even with his fatigue quirk allowing him to engage without the restrictions AM had to deal with, he still went up against a Psuedo-Servant for a good while, so gotta be pretty decent in sword skills to match up.

How would his skills stack up in pure swordsmanship against the Saber Servants of the fate series? He is still a proffesional Hero who has honed swordsmanship against villains for far longer than most Heroic Spirits even lived (they tend to die young), so even in the dying age of martial skill in this world he could actually be decent. Obviously he'd not match the likes of Yagyu, but in comparison to Sabers as a whole?
11/20 c46 ledesmajoaquin418
Nuevo lector aquí, gran historia y honestamente no puede esperar a ver cómo desarrollarán el ataque al campamento
11/14 c32 Ash2Crimson
I know I'm late but, in the school's festival arc Shirou was a fucking asshole and a waste of time. For you as a writer to waste soo much time having him talk to deku, Yu, and even Archer about him holding back just to have end like that is frustrating, and I don't understand why you would do that. I don't think I hated any version of Shirou as much as that one lol. It's still a good story though.
11/8 c46 AdrianVnz
Hahahaha, looks like this seasons anime are a little too good (and now you can add stuff like Invincible season 2 to the mix), maybe we will see a new chapter or 2 by christmass if we are lucky.

Anyway i kind of hope Shirou makes it clear he is better that Yoroi with a sword, he is a little too arrogant, and again seeing how much Shirou misses Rin and to a lesser extend Saber and Sakura (and again if he ever finds out about Sakura's circunstances it will hit him HARD but i kind of want him to find out) is painfull. Pity you didn't have Yu use food and kitchen privileges to have him go all out in the race...but maybe she will now so he can trash Yoroi because he anoys her xD

Lastly i hope at some point Shirou tries a tantric ritual out of desperation (Archer can provide any know how if needed), because that would be hilarious, like he trying to pass it up as his "quirk" being powered by SEX would be fun as hell xD
11/7 c46 9Yuki Carlyle
Yoroi Musha... If I remember correctly, his Quirk is shooting right? For Shirou... Well, he can't produce GUN because he's a blade. But Archer definitely need some shooting so it's okay :3
11/4 c46 1StormCrownSr
Don't write full chapters. Not even in your mind.
For the next chapter, treat each perspective as its own little or maybe even not so little story.
When you're done writing a section, stop and do something else. I suggest some physical activity that doesn't require much thinking. So, no weightlifting with a goal to keep track of.

Followed by a short power nap. It'll feel amazing. Then, you continue on with your day. You could go back to writing, but don't do it if you still feel forced to do so.

This way, your mind and your body will be exercised and then rejuvinated. It helps with mental stability, and it's good for the soul. Maybe. We don't know what the soul is, but I'm sure it appreciates it.
11/1 c46 ch4os4ever
Oh boi! Nice to have you back! And now yoroi is about to learn Shirou is far more skilled than even he is...
Take your time and relax. This story is just awesome so I hope you get your life figured out.
Best of luck!
10/31 c3 Gennarbear
10/30 c46 kd2211312
Yay, new chapter! Good to hear you’re back

- I love how you’re foreshadowing Stars and Stripes via Melissa. Great way to slowly introduce her into the story (if you are planning to do so). And I am looking forward to how you’ll expand on her character like you did with Yu/Mount Lady. As a manga reader, SNS definitely deserves better
- Love how Spinner is developing under Stain’s tutelage. Seems like he’s gonna be a bit of a challenge compared to how he is in canon.

- I’m pretty bummed that you’re skipping over the mall scene where Shigaraki runs into Deku and they have a chat. Was hoping how you would tackle that and how having Shirou’s views getting included in the discussion would change Shigaraki’s views as well as Deku’s.
- I expected Shirou to refuse getting invited to the swimming exercise, though I was hoping to see his classmates’ reaction to the fact that he’s the only one not there.

All in all, good chapter! Looking forward to seeing Yoroi training Shirou.

Also, take all the time you need to do whatever important matters that need to be done. It’s better to have a burnout despite having a plan for the story, than having a burnout without one. MHA’s already ending, so you’ll have an easier time plotting how the story goes. Take it nice and slow, and write because you wanted tell a story.
10/29 c46 Super98
10/29 c46 javi30
Very good chapter keep writing blessings to you and your loved ones
10/27 c46 Guest
cringass pay - tree - noway.
10/27 c46 1Wicked.A
Nice chapter, for a sec I thought it would be archer instead of yorou musha, good luck
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