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8/14 c44 3Eldritch Namer
How goes the next chapter? I was kind of hoping it would get posted before the school year restarted.
8/10 c3 Raphielle
Bro wtf type of law arrests you for self defense, even if no life threatening injuries were sustained? I'm sure even the idiots of the MHA world would understand basic rights to self defense and psychology of victims.
Ah man I can’t wait for this new chapter
8/9 c2 Highcat
excessive violence? he stabbed a tail
that's like the most not lethal place someone could stab
I mean toes are less lethal but still
8/4 c44 Yikes
Chapter gets delayed so I reread the whole story to satisfy my need. But seriously goo luck with what you've going on.

An interesting Idea that's got me even more excited for the overhaul arc is that eri and illya's designs are kinda similar and I'm waiting for that interaction because this shirou couldn't save illya
8/5 c44 TheUnknowableOne
Many thanks for the chapter!
8/1 c44 Kayen1024
Great chapter it was nice to see the changes and growth in the class.
8/1 c43 Kayen1024
Okay I have to admit, I feel really bad for Shirou because there's no no way Archer is going to apologize for his actions.
8/1 c44 ita123
aaaaaahhh cant waiiiitttt for next chapteeeerrrr
7/31 c44 Yog-sothsoth
Aw, I caught up. Read it in just two days. Well, I believe you're doing a really good job here, so keep it up, please. The only thing I'm really curious about, is will there be something from other side? Rin side? Before the epilouge? It's a bit funny, I just imagined some girl, trying to confess to Shiro: "Sorry, I have a girlfriend" "What?! Who?!" "Well, she is in another world, so you probably don't know her"... It sounded better in my head. Hope there won't be romance with other girls, good luck
7/29 c44 Super98
7/24 c41 kirito3229sao
shirou x yaoyorozu
7/22 c44 TheCarcassKing
...*snort*, so that is left unchanged. The Mole.
7/22 c11 majikss
11 chapters before it starts to actually get interesting
7/20 c44 Gizzit
Just binged the entire story. Loved it through and through. Only part I wished was different was if Shirou's snarky side overwhelmed his self-preservation and cause him to name his hero self "Archer" as a jab at EMIYA. It make sense why you didn't and would probably confuse the holy hell out of UA, but idk somehow it would've felt right. Enough of my fanfic of your fanfic. I appreciate you taking the time to write this and wish you good luck in the future.
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