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for Under My Protection Always and Forever

2/25 c1
jeez, Victoria must have got her!
1/20 c28 Stephany Lloyd
I love the name Charlie Louise mikaelson
10/1/2023 c45 LadySixx72
I loved reading this story, I truly hope you write another one.
2/27/2023 c44 jaspersmate81
This story was excellent! It was truly amazing! I absolutely loved it. I would love to read a sequel to this, if you would ever consider writing one. That scene with Bella's father and her long, lost grandma whom, whom she never met, had me in tears. It had me missing my own mom and grandma, both of whom have passed within the past five years. It makes me wonder if I'd ever see them again in death, too. I loved your OC Charlie, as well. She sounds adorable. Plus, I loved your take on Nik and Bella's relationship as mates. That's, "Relationship GOALS," right there! Thanks for all your hard work, and thank you for writing this story. It truly warmed my heart and made me laugh, cry, and smile. (P.S. or as I call it P.M.S., lol...I meant for this review to be at the end of your book, in Chapter 45, but this website wouldn't let me post it there, for some reason. Lol.) Please keep up with the excellent work! ️
2/11/2023 c28 jaspersmate81
I absolutely love your story. I personally love the names, "Nicole," or "Charlie," or heck even Charlize (like the actress), would be so cute. Not really a fan of the name Aliesha. She'd most likely be called Alli or some version of that for short, and it's just to close to Malice The Pixie Bitch's name, for my liking. Lol. Nik and Bella are adorable together, by the way! I love how caring he acts towards her. Kinda like a lost puppy.(A wolf , of course.)
6/7/2022 c12 Booklovinkitten
I'm just now relaxing when you say properly that you're probably trying to say probably.
6/7/2022 c5 Booklovinkitten
For a second I was confused and then I realized they were still at the Cullen's house and then I understood why they set it on fire.
10/4/2021 c45 Guest
Brilliant! :)
9/27/2021 c22 1kirosyamcha
i was kinda hoping renesme would make an appearance even if i hate edward :D
9/27/2021 c16 kirosyamcha
Klaus is in his 20s in canon .
9/16/2021 c29 Vampire Kitten3
Oh rose is gonna beat Edward's a$$ when she finds out what he did to bella. Can't wait lol
9/13/2021 c45 44CayStar
I loved this story- I read it straight through
7/25/2021 c27 Guest
I like renesmee but Larissa too
7/11/2021 c45 Navywife07
Please do a prequel
5/26/2021 c45 Amberlina0418
great story!
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