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11/8/2023 c1 Isaasol2
Yea, you can't really say no to the man is who is capable of True Magic.
9/10/2023 c9 Guest
Here is the Power of Marvel Comics Odin. Odin possessed all the conventional attributes of an Asgardian God. However, as the king of the Asgardians, many of these attributes were significantly superior than those possessed by the majority of his race.

Superhuman Strength: In spite of his advanced age, Odin is much stronger than most Asgardians, near the time of his death he could lift 60 tons, where an average Asgardian male can lift 30 tons. However, at his peak during the time of the Celestials 3rd host on Earth, Odin could lift 75 tons, but in Odin's physical prime, he could lift 90 tons. He's also able to augment his strength to even greater heights by tapping into the Odin Force. With this power, despite being extremely weakened due to his battle with Galactus and thereby forced to go into the "Odinsleep", he was able to knock out the powerful cosmic entity with one powerful headbutt right before going into his Odinsleep (an act which injured both parties).

Superhuman Speed: Despite his age, Odin is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete, allowing him to rival his speed with most superhumans.

Superhuman Agility: Odin's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Odin's reflexes are superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Superhuman Stamina: Odin's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human, and most other Asgardians. As a result, he possesses superhuman stamina in all physical activities. He could exert himself at peak capacity for months before fatigue would begin to impair him. Superhumanly Dense Tissue: Odin's skin, muscle, and bone tissues are about 3 times as dense as those of a human being. This contributes, in part, to Odin's superhuman strength and weight. Superhuman Durability: Odin's body is considerably more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human being, or even most other Asgardians for that matter. Odin's body is capable of withstanding great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts from cosmic level beings without sustaining injury, however, though to what extent is unknown.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all other Asgardians, it was possible to injure Odin, but he can recover from injury with superhuman levels of speed and efficiency. Odin is capable of regenerating massive tissue damage or loss to a degree far beyond that of most other Asgardians, even of being able to regenerate missing limbs and organs, faster and with much more efficiency. Odin's healing powers are far superior to all other Asgardian Gods.

Near-Immortality: Odin, like all Asgardians, was extremely long-lived, although not truly immortal like Olympians. However, Odin still ages at a pace much slower than human beings. He was also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections

Odinforce: Odin is capable of manipulating vast amounts of magical energy, referred to as the Odin Power, the Odin Force, or the Odinsource, for a number of purposes. With this power, Odin was capable of magical feats such as transporting the entire human race to an alternate dimension, casting foes into deep space with a thought, read minds from across even dimensions, projecting force blasts, manipulate matter for a number of purposes, erecting nigh impenetrable force fields, barriers which can shield entire cities, altering size, endowing people or objects with powers, and compressing the population of an entire planet into a single being, namely Mangog. Odin was highly skilled in the use of his powers during combat situations, and was able to casually knock around the Silver Surfer and Thanos simultaneously and even put the Silver Surfer down in one simple blast when he got annoyed as he kept asking them to stand down, but they kept attacking to no avail, as their attacks could not even phase Odin. He has easily beaten Absorbing Man (who had absorbed Asgard itself) and Loki together. Odin's power is such, that he was able to bring back both Thor and Brunhilde back to life. The power of the Odin Force is such that it can stop time itself, and allow one to travel through time. He has taken away a soul from the demonic entity Mephisto; Odin's power was so vast, that when a part of Odin, his dark side bonded with the conceptual entity Infinity, went rogue, it was so large that it could crush planets in its grip as if they were pebbles, his mere limbs stretched as far as galaxies. Odin's battle with Infinity destroyed entire galaxies and countless worlds. When awoken from his trance by Thor, Odin swiftly got rid of Infinity and with one simple act was powerful enough to restore all the damage Infinity had caused across the Universe in moments. Shortly afterwards, Odin was able to easily slay the virtually indestructible Hela, Asgardian goddess of death, in an attempt to stop her from claiming Thor's life and soul, and then instantly bring her back to life upon realizing her continued existence was necessary to maintain the natural order of Asgard. Odin was able to quickly overpower Annihilus when the latter attempted to seize Asgard when its dimension intersected with that of the Negative Zone, after both Thor and the other Asgardians had failed in combat. Odin's power is such, that it has stated that at his peak, it is equal to the likes of Galactus as Odin was able to render a hungry Galactus unconscious right before the Odinsleep. Even the ability to grant human beings the gift of immortality is within Odin's grasp, as Thor asked him to do for Jane Foster in order to marry her. Odin is also capable of placing multiple permanent enchantments on items, as he did for Mjolnir, lasting until he himself cancels them or they are overpowered by a superior enchantment. Odin was so powerful that in his fight with Seth which was waged on several planes of existence simultaneously and felt across infinite planes of reality, the energy released from their battle was so powerful it shattered entire galaxies, reignited dying suns, and ripped the fabric of the multiverse. In battle, Odin often carries the magical spear Gungnir ("The Spear of Heaven"), an artifact made of the mystical metal uru, that he uses to channel his personal energies, though possessing no abilities of its own; and the power scepter Thrudstok, a small mace. Odin also bears Draupnir (the "Odinring") as a symbol of supremacy, though its specific properties are as of yet unknown. He can manipulate energy for various effects, including projection of concussive force, creation of force shields, levitation, molecular manipulation of matter, matter-energy conversion, illusion-casting, and inter dimensional teleportation. Odin, however, is not totally self-sufficient. Odin commands the life energies of the entire Asgardian race, and can absorb any and all of their life energies into his person at will, even to the point of restoring life to a dying Asgardian. While possessing power that is inherent opposed to the need for outward sustenance Odin must once a year undertake the Sleep of Life, also known as the Odinsleep - a state of deep sleep lasting for one 24-hour day to keep his powers from waning. During this time Odin is guarded closely as he is vulnerable. Odin occasionally travels using the enchanted ship Skipbladnir, which had several mystical properties in its sails and oars, such as enabling Odin to navigate the "sea of space." The ship can be mystically shrunk to the size of a fist. Odin also rides the eight-legged steed Sleipnir, who can fly through the air at incalculable speeds.

Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Odin can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.

Manipulation of Mjolnir: Due to his spirit residing in the mystical hammer Mjolnir, Odin is able to manipulate the hammer to a certain degree, including flying it through the air and controlling its trajectory. He was able to manipulate Mjolnir to the extent to where he could have it move faster than the speed of sound and strike a powerful blow. Odin is also able to negate or alter Mjolnir's worthiness enchantment, allowing Hulk to be bestowed with the power of Thor. Possession: As a spirit, Odin is able to possess a person's body and enter their mindscape through Mjolnir.


God of Wisdom: Vast knowledge of ancient and arcane wisdom, considered to be his most powerful weapon.

Expert Combatant: Odin is a skilled hand to hand combatant.

Master Tactician: His thousands of years of experience resulted in him becoming a master tactician which could possibly win him many battles. In addition to feat such as preventing Ragnarok, it has been revealed that Odin was planning for the arrival of the Celestials Fourth Host for centuries. Odin's wisdom was such that he was able to ultimately thwart the eternal cycle of Ragnarok forever by sending Thor to Midgard as part of his secret plan to destroy the Asgardian cosmic entities known as Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Even after Odin had perished fighting Surtur, his plan for his son succeeded and set all of Asgard free.

Asgardian Mystical Combatant: Odin was also extremely adept at wielding his vast energy powers during combat situations. Odin was extremely skilled at using Asgardian magic, surpassing even that of Karnilla or the Enchantress.
9/10/2023 c9 Guest
Here is everything I could find on the historical Odin. Maybe you can use this for the story and for some of the powers of the Nasuverse Odin and you can also merge the powers of the historical Odin with the Nasuverse Odin along just to make him a beast. Lets Rock!

Odin is the supreme god of Norse pantheon. He had the power to do whatever he wanted. He had power over life and death. He and his brothers created the universe, but he was the king of the gods and the most powerful of them. He was the god of necromancy, magic, wisdom, violent storms, intellect, poetry, victory, war, wind, travel, shamanism, prophecy, courage, and many other things.

He took the power of some people and gave to others, he could make his enemies in battle blind, or deaf, or terrified, and their weapons so blunt that they could hurt no more than a wand. Odin could transform his shape, he could quench fire, make the ocean into a tempest, and then travel on the wind. He lie as if asleep, but then he would be in distant lands in moments of twinkling. He called the dead out of the earth. He taught all these arts in runes and incantations to Æsir people. Odin can also bring on death, ill-luck, or bad health of people (Ynglinga Saga).

Name: Odin. Also Oden, Wotan, Woden, Yggr, Alföðr, Grímnir, Gautr, Hárr, Rögnir, Sigtyr and many others. Odin was referred to by over 200 names.

Symbols: The main symbol of Odin was a spear Gungnir. Odin was also noted for his one-eye, and his was followed by two ravens Hugin (Thought) & Munin (Memory), by two wolves Geri & Freki and by a horse eight-legged Sleipnir.

Area Of Control: creation, power, rage, courage, inspiration, poetry, battle, death, magic, travel, healing, necromancy, victory, wisdom, prophecy and Shamanism.

Usual Image: Odin was thought of as a tall old man with white hair and beard.

Holy Books: The Edda, as well as poems and sagas.

Holy Days: Wednesday (Odin's Day).

Place Of Worship: Temples, forests and household altar.

Relatives: Bor (father), Bestla (mother), Frigga (wife), and many sons including Thor, Balder, Tyr.

Here is Nasuverse Odin.

Odin is a great god as the highest existence in Nordic mythology. He is the father of Brynhildr and the other Valkyries, having created them from Sefar's corpse.

According to Norse Mythology, Odin made most of the world from Ymir, with the exception of the runes, which he discovered after offering up his own life. He saw that the shape of the runes contained the depth of the world itself, as such the runes can be called pathways to the truth that Odin discovered.[4]

Odin blessed Hjalmgunnar of the country of the Goths with victory in his battle against Agnar, but Brynhildr supported Agnar who defeated Hjalmgunnar. Upon their victory, he punished Brynhildr for her betrayal by stripping her of many of her divinities, placed her into a state of suspended animation with the "pale rune of punishment", and placed her in a circle of flames situatied at the summit of HindarfjallWP. She was later awakened by Sigurd.

In Germanic cultures he is considered the leader of the Wild Hunt.

Being known as the God of Magic, Odin's abilities as a mage are extraordinary. Even though Scáthach-Skadi possesses an EX Rank Territory Creation skill which allows her to reproduce her castle anywhere she goes, she claims she's "not very good" in comparison. Odin is also known for having sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for wisdom. This is the base for Skadi's Wisdom of the Great God skill. Although Cú Chulainn had initially been summoned to the Fuyuki Singularity as Lancer, when Odin granted him his Authority, it resulted on his class being changed to Caster. Thor is widely considered to be the strongest Norse god, surpassing even Odin. He is the master of his Familiars: the Ravens Huginn and Muninn and the Wolves Geri and Freki. His steed is the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, who is the ancestor of the steed of Sigurd, Grani.

Odin uses the eighteen Primordial Runes, passing them to his daughter, and also later spreading them throughout the world and used by those like Scáthach and Cú Chulainn. Ochd Deug Odin uses all the runes together, and it is thought some use-restrictions may have been left in the runes by Odin.

He has a multidimensional eye that allowed him to see into the world of the English Lostbelt from Proper Human History, and he can also foresee "what needs to be done and where," allowing him to know about the threats of Goetia and the Alien God well in advance. In Scáthach-Skadi's interlude, Cú Chulainn states that Odin has access to an Omniscience-Type Noble Phantasm, allowing him to possibly synchronize with other World variants of himself. It is also noted by Scáthach-Skadi that he had used it to synchronize with the Valkyries before.

He possesses the Noble Phantasm Gungnir: The Declaration of the Elder God which is said to be a prototype of Gáe Bolg. Archer claims that Cú Chulainn's usage surpasses Gungnir in power. As well as possessing another Noble Phantasm, Gambanteinn Valhalla: Great God's Altar which Cú Chulainn was seen using in Avalon le Fae.

The great god Odin gave the ancient war god Týr a sword which Brynhildr in her swimsuit imitates through the use of Primordial Runes and utilizing her Noble Phantasm Brynhildr Sigurtein.

I will send you the power of Marvel Comics Odin soon.
4/22/2022 c9 Guest
now that I think about it, do the true magics correspond to the infinity stones? Cuz there's the first magic that could be considered reality manipulation, for the reality stone. The second magic for the space stone, third for the soul stone, fourth is unknown, and fifth could correspond to the time stone. That would be an interesting plot point to be honest.
11/9/2021 c9 Guest
Pal just want to say , I love your book but next time before you try to write any fate versions of servants inside the story, you might wanna check the marvel wiki first because cu chulainn and beowulf are basically still alive much in marvel . Like marvel's king arthur and merlin and modred,etc. Just want to say check the marvel wiki before writing the story
5/24/2021 c9 Guest
I'm just curious rather the author will be using nauverse's Gilgamesh or marvel's gilgamesh?
3/13/2021 c9 Saiyans4ever
Here is my request.

It is a Dragon Ball series and Marvel Comics crossover.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 0: Story Structure. Take each part of Dragon Ball as it's own story and the early days of Marvel as well. And with each installment of Dragon Ball and major arc of Marvel as a sequel.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 1: The World of the Story. The Universe of the story has elements of the main Dragon Ball Universe with the Kais and Alien races and also the Marvel cosmic hierarchy, with all the Gods of Legend in the universe of Earth 616 Marvel and abstract Cosmic Concepts and the various alien races along with whatever elements you bring from Earth 616 in Marvel and various other Marvel universes for whatever world you want to make.

But their are some changes to the Dragon Ball Universe.

1. The position of Guardian of Earth is one that the Gods of Legend created to act as a messenger as well as be their emissary and ambassador to the Kai’s and the other cosmic realms and realms of the Divine to be one of the protectors of Earth but is still mortal hence why their is more than one but they all have God Ki.

Shin and Old Kai are not the only surviving Supreme Kai’s of Universe 7. The Supreme Kai Avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes are here. They are Shin’s juniors. After the fight with Kid Buu the Supreme Kai's that were absorbed are restored and train them. Between the end of Z and the beginning of Dragon Ball GT they reach Super Saiyan Blue levels of power.

Dabura and The Demon Gods in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Hero games are here for the events of the Buu Saga.

2. Their are no Gods of Destruction. Galactus fills that role. Their are also no Dragon Ball Angels as their are actual Biblical Angels in Marvel Comics as well as Angels in the Tenth Realm.

3. Bardock convinced the Saiyans of Freiza’s attempt to wipe them out and there are enough survivors for the Universe Seven Saiyans to not be on the edge of extinction or need to breed with other species to survive. The Saiyans reform and work on getting revenge on Freiza. Bardock becomes a mixture of his incarnation in the Episode of Bardock Special and his Dragon Ball Super incarnation with his powers and character development.

4. The main cast are children when you start the story and become teenagers when you go into the later parts of Dragon Ball. All the main characters are in their twenties when you go into Dragon Ball Z and their mid thirties when you go into Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball GT they reach their 50’s.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 2: The Adventures of Goku. Goku has to crash on Earth and is raised in Kun-Lung until he decides to go out into the world, Goku's starting adventures are the early days of Dragon Ball and Goku gradually becomes aware of the larger world of the Marvel Universe but it is both Bulma and Betsy Braddock who seek out the Dragon Balls and after his first adventure meets the various super hero teams of Earth. Goku has to join either The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, or The X-Men when he gets older while also balancing his superhero life with school and training.

Goku when he grows up goes down the events of Dragon Ball Z but somewhat altered and the best events of Dragon Ball Super(albeit saving Trunk's Future for good)along with some of major events of the Marvel 616 Earth and elements of Dragon Ball GT for the finale.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 3: The Powers of the Main Saiyans.

Over the course of the story Goku gains everything he has officially(that includes filler) to keep up with Marvel's heavy hitters.

Goku gets everything he has from across the franchise just to have a chance against the major villians of Marvel and prove himself as one of the big dogs. Goku gets everything he has from Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super(Goku keeps the God Ki, gets Super Saiyan Kaioken, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Super Saiyan Blue Perfected and learns to use Hakai).

In order it should be that Goku masters the Oozaru, Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Kaioken, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan Three, Golden Oozaru, Super Saiyan 4, Super Full Power Saiyan 4 and Goku also gains the stuff his Xeno Self in Dragon Ball Heroes has in regards to Super Saiyan 4(as well and anything you can use from the other various Dragon Ball video games) Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, Super Saiyan Blue Perfected, Ultra Instinct Sign, Ultra Instinct Omen, and he has all the abilities and transformations he has from the non Serial Films and in the cannon ones. And he has all the abilities those forms have, and the transformation he has are at their best. He will need it!

And after Goku masters his mortal Saiyan Biology their has to be an arc to symbolize how far he has come as he becomes more heroic through experience. And to Hammer that point in, Goku needs to lift Thor's Hammer when he eventually proves himself to be Worthy and has Thor's powers added to his own. This must happen so Goku can gradually become like the guy we knew in the original Funimation English Dub.

After Goku lift's Thor's hammer You must give Goku's new base all of the powers and abilities of Marvel 616 Thor's powers(All Speak, Weather Manipulation, Super Strength, Energy Manipulation, Thor's Near Immortal Lifespan etc,)added to Goku's own, along with Thor's divine essence merging with Goku's Life Force. This gives Goku God Ki when he has mastered his primal power before mastering himself. But Goku also keeps all his Saiyan abilities like the Zenkai Boost, and all the various Super Saiyan transformations he has worked to master.

After lifting Mjolnir and getting Thor's powers added to his own to form a new base. Goku learns to master his new Asgardian Powers and develop his Super Saiyan God Forms in Asgard. I just hope Goku gets everything he has officially with a bit of a boost so he can be one of the greatest heroes in Marvel and one of The Avengers and X-Men's big guns.

Their are a lot of people who can kill him unless he gets his power boost. Here is a list of Villains who you can be can kick Goku's butt without even trying if Goku does not get an upgrade and these are the ones I am aware of, their are probably more that I am not aware of.

Magneto is one, Set, Dormammu, Umar, Galactus, Cull the Serpent, Doctor Doom, The other Heralds of Galactus, The Dark Phoenix, The Sentry, The Void, Thanos in his base, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, The Beyonder, The Celestial's, and The Beyonders.

Molecule Man, The Juggernaut at his best, Onslaught, The Red Hulk, The One Below All, Abraxas, The Black Winter, Gorr the God Butcher, Malekith the Accursed, Surtur, Ymir, The Midgard Serpent, Hela, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, Knull The Symbiote God and his Grendels. The Big Bad of the Shinto Pantheon is one of them. Some of The Olympians, The Titans and The Giants of Greek Myth can be added to the list as well. Hades the Greek God and some of his servants can kick his ass as well. A lot of Gods and Cosmic Level threats can wreck his shit. And that is excluding those with Cosmic Artifacts like the Cosmic Cube.

Marvel has a lot of villains that are monsters.

But to make sure that Goku is not impossible to beat here are some weaknesses.

1. If Goku delves to deep into his anger he has to run the risk of going into Thor's Warriors Madness. He has the strength boost Thor has in the Warrior's madness but he can lose control of himself if he is not careful. It is a double edge sword.

2. Goku's tail can still be grabbed.

3. Goku still has a limit to the amount of energy he has in his body.

4. Goku's love of battle can get the best of his judgment.

Now here are the ideas for Vegeta and Broly.

For Vegeta's character arc, you have to do what he has been through in canon. For his abilities. You do what I have requested for Goku in terms of his official abilities and longevity but apply that to Vegeta. He gets everything that he has officially but to differ himself from Goku, Vegeta gets the power cosmic.

Now for Broly. Broly has got to get most of his Z Era abilities(including the ones he has in some video games)and his Super Era Level of power and Abilities when you bring Broly in. Broly''s Z Era powers are scaled to match his Super Era Self, other wise he is screwed by several cosmic threats. Broly needs to be a beast! Both because Goku needs a challenge and because the bad guys can kick his ass without them.

But to balance it out here is his weaknesses. Broly needs to disperse some of overwhelming power like Kale in Dragon Ball Super other wise it could kill him and he can lose control of himself in his rage.

Now for Broly's character development, At first Broly is like a mixture his Dragon Ball Z, his Dragon Ball Z Abridged and his Dragon Ball Super selves. Broly is a soft spoken Tarzan like character but he cannot control his rage and his anger turns him into the monster his Z Era Self was. But that is because something messed with his head. What planet he lands on and what his upbringing is like is up to you.

Then Bruce Banner and The Hulk, Rick Jones, Doc Samson, Betty Ross(who gains all the powers and forms she has obtained other the years in Earth 616), Red Hulk, Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk, they can all help Broly control his strength and his anger in that regard and also heal his shattered Psyche.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 4: Saiyan Parings and The Next Generation.
Goku has to be an unknowing chick magnet until someone spells it out for him. Goku also has to get a harem with these lovely ladies. 1. Chichi. 2. Jean Grey. 3. She Hulk. 4. Brunhilde the original Valkyrie. 5. The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff.

Vegeta gets with these gorgeous women, 1. Bulma, 2. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock, 3. Hildegard. 4. Electra.

And for Broly he gets with 1. Cheelai. 2. Lorelei. 3. Wanda Maximoff. 4. Gamora.

When Goku, Broly and Vegeta have kids, they must father a new generation of powerhouses, and if they are mutants they could give Apocalypse and the higher cosmic beings a run for their money. And if Goku has kids after he gets all the power ups they could be Super Saiyan Mutant Demigods. I pity the mother who has to help raise those kids.

On Earth they would be hated with the sheer amount of power they have. But they maybe welcome in Asgard.

The Marvelous Monkey King Part 5: The Ending and The Legacy Of Goku.

After Goku, Vegeta, Broly, the strongest of their harems, the strongest Z Fighters, and the Mightiest of The Avengers win the Tournament of Power and put down Freiza and destroy Moro the Planet Eater Goku and Vegeta train the Saiyans how to reach and use the Super Saiyan transformations, and proper Ki control to defend the universe when they are done and Goku trains Uub to protect Earth when he is done.

After a time skip the events of Dragon Ball GT play out albeit altered except for the regular Dragon Balls having their GT dark side and the final episodes and ending. Dragon Ball GT has to be the Avengers Endgame of the story. A homage to everything that has come before and the grand finale to an era.

The team must collect the Black Star Dragon Balls from across the universe because the Pilaf Gang made a wish on them. After the Baby Saga because the cast overused Earth’s Dragon Balls the Shadow Dragons are born and rampage across the Earth and they create a rift connecting Earth to Hell allowing all the villains they have killed to rampage across the earth furthering the damages to the planet.

But at the final battle after Goku and his companions defeat the Shadow Dragons and the returned bad guys Goku has to leave with Shenron to prevent people from relying on the Dragon Balls until the Earth can stand on its own.

To help Earth evolve Krillin and Tien bring back the Turtle and Crane Houses of Martial Arts and Vegeta also open his own martial arts school. Piccolo also goes to Namek to teach his kin his fighting style, techniques, and trains them to reach his power level.

Gohan when he grows up writes the Ki Manuel’s from Dragon Ball Online and builds his own martial arts school with all the various techniques and training regiments Gohan and his father learned as it’s teachings to help Earth.

When Goku, Shenron, and Earth’s Dragon Balls left the mortal world Goku, Shenron, and the Earth’s Dragon Balls ascend to a higher plane of existence and Goku evolved into something more than a Supreme Kai, or a Super Saiyan God. When Goku left he also gained the Immortality and Invulnerability of both Hanuman and Sun Wukong along with what he has earned.

To aliens of his universe Son Goku is Kakarot the youngest son of the Saiyans prophet and one of the Super Saiyans who showed the Saiyan race and the human race what can happen if you are good and work to go beyond your limits. Kakarot is also seen as a hero who defeated the worst monsters from across the cosmos.

Among the Gods, Son Goku is known as one who through hard work achieved a level of enlightenment, surpassed Gods, and at the end of his journey became an Immortal and Invulnerable Warrior God who will protect the Universe but only when truly needed.

That is the Legacy of Goku.
3/13/2021 c9 Saiyans4ever
Oh poor Spider Man, no matter what happens he is always Marvel's punching bag. Also I love the fact that he got his ass beat by Rin.

Also seeing as you are such a Marvel fan here is an idea you may like. It is big so it will be sent after this review.
5/16/2020 c9 1Messiah of authors
Yeah Ron’s going to get her ass kicked when Spiderman start getting serious trust me I don’t care how Wifu she is.
1/17/2020 c9 N2
Please continue.
1/17/2020 c1 11semsas
Such a shame that a good story is abandoned
1/16/2020 c9 HD F Seiei.52
If Thor participated into Holy Grail War, that would be epic and Brynhildr would meets God of Thunder with her very happy expression. Thor confused seeing a woman with lance as well as same clothes like his. He asked Spider-Man what's going on, who she was, and where she's come from privately.

After Spider-Man/Peter explained everything about her true identity that she is Brynhildr; one of Valkyrie in same mythology as Thor; Odin's daughter but in different universe aka original stories of real Norse Mythology; and one of Heroic Spirit or Servant; he shocked, surprised, and disbelief that the white haired woman is same mythology but different universe as Thor, Loki, and his version of Norse/Asgard. Then, Thor decided to helped Brynhildr and explained everything to her that Norse Mythology of hers and him are different. He requested Spidey to talk with her privately.

After hearing Thor's request, Spider-Man/Peter allowed Brynhildr to talk or chit chat against him privately in somewhere else. Thor and Brynhildr talk privately in somewhere else far from New York City on the forest. He explained to her that the Norse Mythology of hers is different like him. He explained to her that he has adopted brother Loki, who is originally Jotunheim, adopted by Odin after his original clan vanished. She shocked and surprised that God of Mischief, Loki is his adopted brother. She wonders how Odin adopted and allows God of Mischief in Asgard. He replied to her that Loki adopted by Odin when he was a toddler and raised in Asgard. Later Brynhildr asked Thor who is his mother and Loki'a adopted mother. He answer that he and Loki's mother are Frigga's son for Thor/adopted son for Loki. Brynhildr rather confused or shocked that Thor version or Asgard version of Peter's world is different .

Oh yeah, add Valkyrie Servants (Ortlinde, Hildr, & Thrúd) in this stories beside Brynhildr. For the master, absolutely Thor as their Masters. If Three Valkyrie seeing their master is Norse God of Thunder, they will surprised & shocked that their master is famous Thor who is Asgardian Norse God. Ortlinde, Hildr, & Thrúd are kneel to Thor due to how famous he is in Norse Mythology and calling him "Thor-sama" instead "Master". I hope idea of Three Valkyrie Servants add into your story.
8/9/2019 c9 20Mr. thinker
Pls continue this story. It's so good. I like your writing style, despite it has a long narrative, its easily readable.
5/11/2019 c9 Slark
Love it, keep up the good work and it would be nice to make another chapter of this series/story.
5/4/2019 c4 mr.doom50
I was shocked when I read that lancer was Thor's sister
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