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11/10/2017 c9 tl34lt12
Rin and Archer are being dicks as usual, and no way rin can do that to Peter. Can't wait for the punishment SHIELD or Lord Doom would do to them.
11/10/2017 c9 Azure Legacy
I love the chapter, but I call bull shit on Rin stopping Spider-Man like that.
11/10/2017 c9 treyalexander63917
WOAH! How strong does reinforcement make a Mage or Servant like Rin and Archer respectively(Both are proficient with Reinforcement) because Spider-Man in his teenage to college years is capable of punching with 10 tons of force and lifting the same amount. Also in "If This Be My Destiny"(which took place while Peter was in College) he lifted machinery that he states has the same amount of weight as a Locomotive(Which is over 100 tons). Rin and Archer are just catching his punches with ease so does this mean that Reinforcement gives a mage with the same proficiency as Rin the same strength Spidey has or was Peter holding back like usual? Also nice fight scene.
9/25/2017 c8 shadyxlr
Can't wait to see what will happen to Peter next.
9/24/2017 c5 1BrawlBroMario
Please make it a saber x shirou relationship please!
9/24/2017 c4 BrawlBroMario
Ohh sorry for the last review I didn't see Peter summoned lancer, I'm sorry for my last review.
9/24/2017 c3 BrawlBroMario
You took away the relationship if shiro and saber, I can't forgive you.
9/20/2017 c8 Saru
Does this Brunhild have at least some abilities like her Nasuverse one?
9/21/2017 c8 7feriyen
it would be interesting that Caster would come to save him (the other masters would think that Pedro is Caster Master and Spiderman Master of the Lancer) would make it harder to know his true identity as Spider-Man (and I would love Caster to humiliate the archer) kun pity peter (or that archer suffers) or that shield or other hero interferes and imprisoned goal to archer (for assaulting a civilian)
9/21/2017 c8 3Hige the bearded
Great Chapter as always
9/21/2017 c8 1Just a Fate fan
Like someone said: Arturia and Shirou romance, please!
Thanks for the chapter! One thing I know very well, is that Archer and Peter will be at each other's throats in this, and I'm not even talking about when the are aiming for each other's necks!
I'm really liking this. Keep it up, and we will have one of the best crossovers here!
9/20/2017 c8
Un genial capitulo espero con ansias por el próximo capitulo .
Apareció emiya ; donde esta lancer ? .
Tu historia debería ser una apocrypha así vereriamos un mayor desarrollo de personajes y tal vez gwen se una a esta guerra .
Héroes vs magos .
9/20/2017 c8 3coronadomontes
buen capitulo-good chapter
9/20/2017 c8 tl34lt12
Sadly we have accept Lord Doom would be winning the most in the war. He is Victor von Doom, our savior from the multiverse crash and our God-King.( suck it Gil!)

Archer and Rin will be having serious culture and philosophy shock. Especially Archer and his cynicism. Really the two of the would villain material in MARVEL standards (Rin does make me think of a HYDRA leader in her worst moments).

I wouldn't be suprised if Waver and Chaldea are part of SHIELD. And Fury has been monitoring Shirou for sometime. And HYDRA joining in as well.

Shirou and Arturia romance please.

Dojo segment of British heroes reacting that King Arthur is a girl please.
9/8/2017 c7 3Hige the bearded
Great chapter. If Rin meets Strange, you should have her hate Strange for not helping the Mage Association and exposing magic to the public.
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