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2/23/2019 c9 Guest
This will never get updated by really really really really really want this to be updated Please.
11/29/2017 c9 2Allroundfangirli
Life takes priority especially if it's the life of a loved one. I like this fic a lot and I love the premise.
11/28/2017 c9 12AyaKagami
my heart literally just broke into a million pieces to see prom keep his secret from Noctis. I feel like this will only cause more pain for Noctis in the end.

on the other note, I am praying for a recovery for your little one soon! I know as a mommy of 2 that any time our little ones are sick we worry. Hoping school is going well for you as well. sending positive vibes your way!
11/27/2017 c9 Red Songbird of The Sky
Awwwww maaaa gooodddd. I love you so much! Thank you for actually reading my long drabble and thank you so much for updating! Yet again, your lovely story had brought more tears to my eyes. I seriously can not get enough. I hope your son feels better and gets well soon! I send him lots of love as well! Do your best with school! Im rooting for you!
11/27/2017 c9 Guest
10/3/2017 c8 AyaKagami
still oblivious to prompto's condition... ugh and now we have an Ardyn in the mix. hmm... so glad you updated! best of luck with your classes
8/30/2017 c7 Guest
Every chapter leaves me heart broken fuuuuu
8/30/2017 c7 AyaKagami
oh my gods... the truth will set you free!
8/27/2017 c6 AyaKagami
What happens next? my heart is on the edge...
8/19/2017 c5 Guest
more please. i love it
8/19/2017 c5 5jixue
My feels T-T... I love this chapter. Prompto carving binary and Noctis completely oblivious to what it meant seriously strikes my heart bc he kinda just let it slip away. If he knew the numbers said he would've known Prompto was still inlove with him waaaaaah T-T Cindy seriously sounds like a mom LOL more motherly than sister but who can really tell the difference if it's about taking care of family really. Thank you for writing this chapter for me! Overall, thank you for writing this. I know you like writing romantic/humor stuff and you haven't written anything dramatic since your Bleach, but I love it and I hope everyone gets their happy ending in this story T-T arigato!
8/19/2017 c4 jixue
This is so dramatic xD I love it though. Prompto used to be so happy and cheerful and he kept Noctis feet on the ground. Now he wants to really serve his people because that's what he's meant to do but he's not dreading it anymore because he has Prompto beside him and it makes me sad because we all know eventually they have a rift and it gets bigger and Prompto's alone and Noctis gets closer to Lunafreya. Then again cindy is there so I am not all that worried xD

Their meet up was so cute tho HAHA when Nocto fell down I remembered the way I used to make him run in the game and turn the analog the other way so he clumsy slips and picks himself up. Have you done that yet? HAHA anyway. So good. Happy/cute meet up. c: "It wasn't heavy". I'm gasping and sobbing. Don't do this to me. T-T
8/19/2017 c3 jixue
I feel like Regis could've done something about it. I guess he's not because they're old enough to make those kind of decisions. It sucks because Noctis is just way to focused when it came to his work and now that Luna was "conveniently" around to give him what he... i guess physically needed... he would just say he didn't love Prompto anymore like it's nothing. Like what the heck. xc But I hope Regis would slap his son back to reality. C'mon king, your husband is sick

I see you change your summary. Actually no, you added on to your summary. I hope I get to read more on what actually happened at the Rock of Ravatogh! Now that you're adding more to it, the suspense is killing me. Which brings me to the question... Are you ever going to bring Ardyn into the story? LOL

OH BOY. FOURTEEN DAYS. That's pretty long don't you think? This is going to backfire big time. Dear Prompto, asking Noctis to pretend is going to have him falling for you again. You're not going to be able to move on if he leaves. You're going to get hurt too. He's aware of that isn't he? Time to emotionally prepare myself for the next chapters. (Time for you to prepare yourself to read my comments!) cx Bye!
8/18/2017 c1 Wow
This story is so cliche and sappy lol but I love it so far. Can you bring their magic to use? lol I mean for noctis or like you know Luna cause she's supposed to be an oracle unless this story is completely AU haha good writing keep going
8/18/2017 c1 Sarah
*breathes-* holy shit it just so happens that I am listening to first heartbreak by tori Kelly. Hello ms. Chemicaria mam/sir? You should listen to it if you need inspiration to write your other stories? Haha but I love this thank you for writing ah I will read the rest soon
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