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for Now Serving Mr Lloyds

9/19/2017 c2 StrawPanATD
iM WHEEZING X') i take it back: your narration style isn't just lovely it's FANTASTIC. i never thought i'd enjoy so thoroughly seeing lloyds dragged so far and i love it. not to mention, i love love LOVE your headcanons about saito's redesigning of tiger's hero suit. one of my favorite kinds of headcanons to read owo

also. is that 'wild bunny' thing a ship reference because HOLY HECK YES :'D im crying i can't believe agnes and saito ship it I CANT BELIEVE THEY READ FAN FICTION IN-UNIVERSE :') ah, amazing. this made my evening :D looking forward to the next chapter if you plan to continue .w.
9/19/2017 c1 StrawPanATD
GOSH that was an amazing burn on lloyds :'D also, your narration style is LOVELY and it's so sweet the way you depict how barnaby thinks of kotetsu 33 moving on to the next chap!

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