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7/22/2020 c5 118ChocolateChipCookie32
I am a MAG/Pinger shipper, but I really like this story :)
4/17/2019 c5 90markaleen
This was such a fun and sweet story! I especially love the ending
1/20/2019 c5 Guest
Don't pay any attention to Moggie. This was a great story, and Mary Ann and the Professor can be a couple as much as sny other. Good story!
10/6/2018 c1 fred wolfstar
WRITE that book sir! :) When you do, and you GET that first proof in the mail... you see the cover, and know that inside is yours. I know, I published in 2012, after spending 34 years on my first Novel.
1/20/2018 c5 Moggie
Never been fond of a romance and marriage between Mary Ann and the Professor. Definitely a Professor/Ginger and Gilligan/Mary Ann fan. One has to remember Gilligan and Mary Ann were supposed to be the youngest castaways - Gilligan, about 22, and Mary Ann, about 18 (as described by Sherwood Schwartz). Likewise, the Professor and Ginger were supposed to have been in their 30s. Course, one could say Ginger was an early proto-type cougar, putting the make on Gilligan but it seems to me Gilligan and Mary Ann would've been a more natural pairing than the Professor and Mary Ann, and the Professor and Ginger a more natural pairing than Ginger and Gilligan. Ginger and the Skipper would've been a maybe.

Also I have never believed in the Professor as a high school science teacher. A college teacher, yes, more in keeping with his own education and intelligence, but not even that. Being the inventive type he is, I figure he would've been more of an inventor. He was always trying to come up with something on the island that would help them get rescued off the island - for which Gilligan the bumbler would wreck it completely. Secretly, however, I believe the Professor would've been happy Gilligan had wrecked his latest experiments to get them rescued. He more or less did it for the others, never for himself.
10/13/2017 c5 Guest
My apologies! That should read: Insert a modern characyer WITHOUT having her go Mary Sue. So sorry!
10/3/2017 c4 Mrs. Mary Ann Hinkley
9/20/2017 c5 Guest
Love this story... finaly, a Professor and Mary Ann story! You managed to insert a modern character with her going all Mary Sue! I am looking forward to another story from you soon!
8/26/2017 c5 Guest
Great story. A sequel perhaps?
8/24/2017 c5 42K9grmingTwihard
I loved this story! I'm glad they came to an agreement and I can't wait to read more from you!
8/24/2017 c5 6katladyd
What do I think? I want you to write more stories like this one! I loved the ending. A baby for my favorite couple. Perfection.
8/23/2017 c5 122SR
Perfect answer on what to do with the island. As always they all worked out the problem and everyone was happy with the solution. Loved the ending with the Professor and Mary Ann. Very cute story. I'll happily read any more stories that you write. Thank you.
8/23/2017 c4 42K9grmingTwihard
I loved this chapter. From the way everyone was talking about the Professor's wife I had thought he had married someone else. He and Mary Ann make a cute couple. Update soon!
8/21/2017 c4 Guest
I love the story and so happy the Professor and Mary Ann got together. Everyone was in character. I can't wait for the next chapter, but I wish it would continue after the 5th chapter. You have me curious about the book and I wish I could read what the Professor wrote. We know what happened the first few years but what happened the other years they were on the island? If you get inspired to write what happened on the island the years we didn't see I would be happy to read it. I'd like to know how the Professor and Mary Ann got together and when it happened. Great writing, thank you.
8/22/2017 c4 122SR
Love the idea of your story. With the mention of the Professor's wife in chapter 1, I was hoping it was Mary Ann. With each chapter I got more excited hoping it was true. I'm sorry there will only be one more chapter, I wish you'll decide to add more chapters because I enjoy your writing. I wish the Professor really did write a book because I would love to read about all those years we didn't get to see before they were rescued.
Can't wait for the last chapter and any other stories you decide to write.
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