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for Hell Gate

1/22 c5 Guest
More :p
1/20 c5 Guest
This is so choice, bud. Keep up the good work!
1/19 c5 1DDXIII
I'm liking how you added the characters from the cutscenes and gave them personality, I love it.
1/18 c2 Zero
1/18 c1 Zero
1/18 c5 DOOT76
This was fucking great, it’s these small character interactions between a bunch of peculiar characters that help make a story great.

And was that fast and furious reference also a low-key jab at the Rock since he was part of that monstrosity known as the DOOM (2005) film?
1/18 c5 Old Reader
I couldn't help feeling depressed every time I woke up in the morning. This story bring me a big smile on my face but same time sad about update will be slow and steady.
1/17 c5 Guest
*Hell Gate is updated*

1/17 c5 3Doom King of Latveria
Fast and furious reference in Doom? Well thats surprising

Anyway, good chapter man! Mind telling me why some of these UAC become AWOL and staying in Doomguy home?
1/17 c5 4Mythfan
nicely done.
1/17 c5 LonewolfCharlie13
The Intern is best boy
1/17 c5 4razer666L
If I remember correctly, aren't Daniel, Tubbs, Jose and most people onboard the Fortress of Doom should be from ARC (Armored Response Coalition), not from UAC?
1/17 c5 Bluzerker
It’s cool man. Take your time on the chapter, after all it’s better for quality then quantity. Good luck on your endeavors, and I hope your putting your situation on your life first than writing. Because if your healthy mentally and physically, you can write better and faster. At least that is what I’m speculating.
1/16 c5 2ManwithaPlan113
A UAC perspective for once instead of the Slayer. Neat!
1/16 c5 none1066
thanks for the chapter if it have some plot twist thing will interesting
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