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for Puppy Arc

12/7/2022 c1 1Michael Warfstache
I hope you update soon this is one of my favorite fanfics
10/15/2022 c25 6CriticaofRandomness
Doggie Jaune Doggie Jaune
6/29/2022 c25 Niuzu0130
Hope you update Sión
Those 25 chapters just make my day much better
6/8/2022 c1 1Michael Warfstache
I hope this continues it's great
3/3/2022 c25 Loveless
Hey with puppy jaune piloting a paladin you could train the puppies ironwood adopted to pilot paladins as well
2/10/2022 c25 6Alpenwolf
Puppy Jaune can be quite the menace, the question is just how or to whom. Even his adorableness can be a weapon.
2/10/2022 c25 53Mmjohns
Cute af could be hilarious if Ruby finds out, can seriously imagine her making puppy Jaune his own battle suit
2/6/2022 c25 Guest
Go pup
1/30/2022 c25 PheonixX09
1/30/2022 c25 MarauderPrime12
Lol Roman
Excellent chapter
1/30/2022 c25 0akarigan0
Jajajaja el símbolo del colmillo blanco jajajaja. Magnífico trabajo.
1/29/2022 c25 6IrishKatana
Loved this chapter couldn’t stop laughing, I especially love the return of the PPP (Paladin Pilot Puppy).
1/29/2022 c25 X3runner
Wow I just realized that the potential ramifications of neo wanting jaune to be her pet would mean
1/29/2022 c25 simm36
1/29/2022 c25 7Reaper7
Oh boy. Neo is either going to try to capture and enslave Jaune, or possibly join the good guys in the name of Deadly Vanilla. Heck, the Whitefang can join them too. That might give Blake an aneurism, though.
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