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for Puppy Arc

7/20 c20 5Fox Boss
The Ace-Ops are going to get the Ace-Pups!
And I can see each one getting a fitting breed of dog.

Clover: Pug
-They are considered lucky in certain regions.
Harriet: Greyhound
-Fastest breed.
Marrow: Golden Retriever
Elm: St. Bernard
-Large size.
Vine: Great Dane
Short hair.
7/2 c21 FF8cerberus
Completely agree with your author's note. That aside I don't see this turning out any different from canon aside from Neo trying to kill Jaune. Unless he transforms right before being killed. That would be thw only thing that comes to mind that may change the outcome.

Until next time.
6/23 c21 1Diavo
I hope that what happens is that in one week (in story) Neo kidnapps Jaune and starts to interrogate him again, when *poof* puppy.
6/9 c21 Axel363402
This is wholesome.
5/22 c21 9Mazamba
... It's gonna be REALLY awkward when he poofs in front of Neo.
5/21 c21 1Argus456
Yep, your version of Ironwood is better, way better. Stupid contrived semblance.
5/20 c21 2TheAtlesianHarvester1979
*looks at your Ironwood*

*looks at canon Ironwood*

I agree and I'm proud of you.
5/20 c21 LordLoverDuck
Great to see this update, Sun should buy a monkey onesie and try it only to join Jaune in the cult of comfy onesies and start dragging everyone else in

Looking forward to Neo finding out the truth, she'll get a two for one special, good doggo and a loving boyfriend, that's if she can fight off all the other girls that will be coming for Jaune

looking forward to the next update
5/20 c20 Cooldude101011
That PM was pretty stupid. Ironwood only got trigger happy when he lost it (a mental breakdown among other things because of high to extreme amounts of near constant stress or at least I think so.).
5/20 c21 Guest
Finally an update hopefully the next one doesn't take too long
5/19 c21 Cooldude101011
When’s the next chapter? Also your fics ironwood is who I think he really is behind his (silly and forced) semblance and professionalism. I think the reason why he turned and went crazy is because of high to extreme amounts of near constant stress along with some level of PTSD from the fall of Beacon. Though there may be other factors.

Maybe you could write a fic about/around this ironwood?
5/19 c13 Cooldude101011
Yeah. Those PETA bastards.
5/19 c21 Guest
oh man when neo finds out jaune and deadly vanilla are one and the same XD
5/19 c21 2pensuka
i wonder how neo will react when she learns the truth
5/19 c21 1StewBrew
Hipetty Hopetty that dog is Neo’s property. I’m happy this is continuing, and your work is as amazing as always!
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