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1/29/2022 c25 14Agent of the Divine One
I'm surprised that Sun didn't yell "Caboose!" when Jaune fired the cannon on Torchwick. And considering how things went in the original show this had a far better outcome since for as much utility as Roman provided the White Fang still hated his guts. So they get the utility of Atlas hardware and they get to see Roman suffer! All while giving the adorable pupper attention.

Wow. The weaponization of cute animals is not to be underestimated. Beacon should learn from this.
1/29/2022 c25 Zathol
Loved it.
I can only wonder what went through everyone's minds. The dog either hated humans so much or just Roman that it commandeered a paladin and turned it's weapon systems on him. Somehow. I bet they were wondering how Sun the nice guy who was apologizing and yet raised the dog to be so viscous and capable.

And now Neo knows Jaune's not so secret secret. Her baby is the man who robbed her. She must be going through an emotional crisis about now.
1/29/2022 c25 14Noble4259
Awesome chapter. Very well done blaise
1/29/2022 c1 1StewBrew
Puppy has the Paladin and perfectly uses it to pulverize puny patronizing criminal.

10 out of 10, short and sweet, but super funny as always. Plus, Jaune and Sun always make for good antics.
1/29/2022 c25 4Blue Phantasm
Jaune using his Paladin experience from when Ironwood was babysitting him to attack Roman to get revenge was great. Hope to see more soon. Maybe Neo decides to go after Jaune when Cinder and her group get in Beacon.
1/16/2022 c24 2adbelvd
I had a few laughs reading this, keep going with the good work.
1/13/2022 c24 Guest
He knows how to use those puppy eyes very well
1/13/2022 c24 bloo2555
I imagine Neo is going nuts seeing "Deadly Vanilla" on TV, lol.
1/12/2022 c24 Guest
Could we see some of the memes, perhaps?
1/11/2022 c24 Ecomonococo
sweet! new puppy arc chapter!
1/10/2022 c24 NyaNyaKittyFace
When he said someone else I legit thought it was gonna be Neo. She’d recognize him just as easily as that woman.
1/10/2022 c24 8Sigma of Prisium
Well at least Jaune can now shapeshift with his clothes intact, so that's a plus.

I wonder what those memes are...

The ETPA lady should know that she smashed property of the company, so that's a big negative. Then her actions likey created a scandal, that's what every media company ought to avoid.
1/10/2022 c24 Asianman2
How do you know when a fic is good?

not realizing you have read all 24 chapters.

keep up the good and fluffy feeling. :p
1/10/2022 c24 3Onyx Gabriel
Smol puppy Jaune is back!
1/10/2022 c24 PF115
I'm guessing the former ETPA employee wasn't able to get a job at the "AFT" bureau?
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