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for Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V The Lost Dimension

4/7/2019 c13 DragonBladeB5
iHola, SakushiRyu-San! DragonBladeB5 in the house!

Firstly, I may have some ideas.

And second, you know Yuzu and the other girls' english dub names?

Also, I have some questions I need you to answer, please?

You know about "Yo-kai watch"?

Can you imagine Yuya and the others when they have met Yugi Moto, the king of games?

Action duel: Yugi Moto Vs. Iggy Arlo (Isao Kachidoki), who would win?

Can you imagine martial arts-style dueltainment?
2/6/2018 c13 17Aira Aura
I love this!
Ryu, Ryx, Ryh, Rys!
All of them.. Do you have illustration of the oc?
I want to draw them!
And I really like Ryh! He's a cute psychopath! and I really agree if you make Ryh and Rys have the relationship as the manga...
To be honest, I prefer manga more than anime.. and I want to know why EVE want Ren to save Sora!
11/3/2017 c13 6ScalchopWarrior
Oh boy. I had this pulled into a tab for a while, reading a chapter whenever I could. But I'm finally caught up!

Just wanna say that so far, this is pretty great. There's obviously room for improvement, but that can be said for every story, even official ones.

Not too much else, other than great job so far, and good luck for the future! Will be looking out for this one
9/25/2017 c10 7Kaiser Vision
A perfect type of duel between Ryu and Kachidoki. Their fight was very interesting and if you decide to make a Synchro Monster, might I make a suggestion of Ice Blade, "Astralkus", perhaps as Ryu's Synchro Monster?
9/23/2017 c10 Guest
I have been enjoying this story so far, keep up with the great work!
8/28/2017 c1 7LordMammon
It's great that you enjoy writing this, it's good so far. I wish I could enjoy writing my stories like you do.

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