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for Overlordly Broken: Re

2/23 c4 Guest
And dropped
2/17 c25 lamthai316
one of the most annoying chapter. Do they really have to talk like dumb little kids?
1/23 c1 1binyhun
Overall, i really enjoyed this fanfic, especially the arcs that are not from the original, definitely one of the more enjoyable ones! I see the story is not uploaded in a few months, is it dropped?
1/22 c33 binyhun
I dont understand the point of ratmen, they are way too weak to be interesting... like the lizards
1/21 c39 Visual Bliss
Esdeath is seriously letting this random girl push her emotions around? She didn't even know her in yggdrasil or on earth why is she just taking that? Is it because she is from earth that esdeath is seemingly okay with literally anything that girl says or tries to make her do? Im starting to prefer the first overlordly broken more and more every time I read another chapter from this version and to be honest I hate that... I really like this one
1/14 c37 PikaMew1288
My god, Elysia makes it really easy for me to hate her. She is basically a female Leeroy Jenkins who I am honestly surprised has survived until she encountered Esdeath with her lack of self-preservation and her hot-blooded tendency to piss others off. There is a reason that they don't tend to last long in stories where the Author doesn't give them plot armor. Elysia makes me think of Fanon Ron Weasley whose only purpose is to keep Harry from learning more about magic so that Harry will choose to die by Voldemort and Ron will get all of Harry's Money.
1/11 c28 PikaMew1288
Elysia seems really dumb to me. She knows that Nabe and Rem and Ram will be looking for the slightest excuse to kill her so she should train to get stronger than them. I'm really curious as to just how one levels up in this setting.
12/18/2020 c36 RedMarkTOxAL
i really hate elsiya . she is such a naive and self righteous bitch
12/7/2020 c38 Issei ODR
Excelente capitulo
11/29/2020 c3 Issei ODR
Un jugador de yggdrasil
11/22/2020 c39 Guest
Will there be a poll to rewrite overlord effect? Because its about time overlord effect gets to continue its story
11/8/2020 c6 bonkxd
fucks your npc is retarded i cant read this shit if i had npc like this i would just kill it
11/8/2020 c5 bonkxd
your oc is named esdeath but acts like a bitch
11/3/2020 c33 Guest
Is this fan fiction complete or half assed
10/30/2020 c39 Guest
I fucking love it and I can't wait for more
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