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for Ragnarok

10/19 c5 Guest
He being a peverell has the potential to be
Also he and ragnarok seem to have similar issues with pure bloods and magical governments
And after being tortured to near insanity and his wife being murdered he was tossed through the veil after which ragnarok came out,
Also why else would ragnarok hide his face and find the idea or Harry Potter beng his downfall laughable
10/19 c3 Guest
I don’t know why people like to perpetuate the ridiculousness that there are more muggleborns than purebloods.
If that were truly the case Tom riddle genius that he is would have used that in his favour to wipe out the purebloods so there would be no one to Lord their pedigree over him.

The reasons muggleborbs are picked on is because they are a very small minority, and in addition to being the smallest group they are also immigrants who don’t understand the culture and probably offend the natives by drawing unfavourable comparisons to non magical standards.

Also history has shown that subjugation only works long term if the majority go along with it. If the majority reject it…. Well independence days, extinct royal lines, reinvention of the status quo the middle classes must be appeased ( the normal pure bloods like fudge McMillan boot smith Chang, edcombe, people who will toe the line and do what the ministry advises) the real neutrals who won’t get involved in either side
9/8 c19 Envy220
6/28 c19 Parasite0
Is this story still going or is it discontinued?
I love it btw
6/15 c13 11Demi-Wizard48
6/14 c4 Demi-Wizard48
Emma Watson. Period.

*Loud Screaming*
6/1 c19 firedawg
What a story and I will have to wait for the finish, well done , well written I look forward to the climax.
4/6 c19 SarabWalia
Actually so sad to see this story has been abandoned :((
The plot was actually unique, the characters quite well fleshed out, and the lore was so interesting...
Hope you can come back to it one day, but even if not, thank you for this much
3/21 c19 21eldersavagewan
Great story. Wish you could update faster though
1/20 c19 MasterYoda379
My God. Is this story gonna be continued? Please!?
1/12 c19 3Gyanz
Gran historia! Veo que pasó mucho tiempo desde que subiste el último capítulo! Espero que puedas retomar el fic y seguir escribiéndolo!

Esperando una nueva actualización!

10/21/2020 c16 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
My theory is that Amarok is either a spirit using Harry's corpse as a vessel, or maybe James Sirius.
10/20/2020 c19 TheWhitlockGirl
Really enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to reading more!
7/28/2020 c19 tiran187
Damn fucking great story! Especially love that this is a unique fic, with a different plot.
7/15/2020 c19 WittyBasketcase
What?! That's it?!
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