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11/29/2020 c5 Locothehood
Cue Vader


The story barely started the apprenticeship to Goodwitch had me intrigued.

I don't see why you cant just plan out and continue this story instead.
I mean its not like it even started yet.
welp good luck i guess.
7/15/2018 c5 ScorchMainKing
Plz do more this is fantastic I love it and I have shown my little sister who also loves it
4/24/2018 c1 1yuyuyre
Not bad, your grammar was pretty good, besides dialogue. When a new person speaks you make s new paragraph.
4/11/2018 c5 TheGamingReader
harems suck dont do those,main cast love interests suck too, and other SHIT which u could PM me about
4/11/2018 c1 2merendinoemiliano
I read all the chapters right now. Not bad story at all, but i hope also the other charachters will have the skill of Aura manipulation your oc has and thath the Grimm will have some kind of energy as well(i don't believe so much in the thing 'they don't have a soul', i think they have at the very least a form of Aura).Good work.
3/28/2018 c4 Shadoki
dude awesome fic so far keep up the good work
12/26/2017 c4 Scaunders
Good story, nice chapter, looking forward to the next
12/16/2017 c4 Yifto
Super into it. I love Glynda she is so underused. Grady is shaping up to be a badass. I'm excited to see where this will go.
9/10/2017 c3 Devilking1994
Could use with a bit of a edit the text is too bunched up feels like just large walls of text making it hard to read
9/10/2017 c3 1prophecysl4yer
Really cool story so far. Im a big fan of these gamer fics but this is the first self insert that i really like. I would like to know if there will be more random skills like shadow run(think thats the name) or if grady will focus on his aura skills and spear. Also in the stats why are there 2 numbers on str, dex, and vit?
P.s. will there be an updating schedual?
9/9/2017 c3 2Lucifer Daemon
While I can certainly understand ur excitement; the INSANE paragraph length definantly lost you some follows.
I barely got thru it w/out saying "nope".

and I think that people are wanting a gamer X over to actually FINISH.

tho the writing, while I wouldn't call it good, almost entirely because of the story structure. It is interesting.
9/6/2017 c2 marcoglas92
i like and follow
9/3/2017 c2 Sword'sfunPen'sbetter8P
I think you've done well here. I love all the gamer stories and you're doing great. You haven't overly saturated the fic with to many details and have a good flow. I think he gained to much in the fights without the obvious that you gain more in fights than in training. He just never realized that. I hope you keep it up. :)
9/3/2017 c2 1Beeswax2
Good job so far !

I'm EAGERLY awaiting more !
8/25/2017 c1 kumbrakarna
this is pretty good! never saw a story where the main weapon was a polearm so this is interesting! please update soon!
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