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1/20 c56 Aetherium21
This story is much better than at least 95% of the other Yugioh ones I’ve read. Thanks for sharing it!
1/19 c27 Aetherium21
Fucking ridiculous. As if a random transport spell would take all the cards to duelists, much less to academies for dueling
1/19 c23 Aetherium21
Man it must be really hard to write a story in the Yugioh-verse. The general silliness of so many people obsessed with a card game (at least those who can’t see or know of duel spirits) and canon’s plot seem best for a kids tv show rather than a story with depth
1/18 c5 Tenjo
That’s kinda flawed logic… to be a member of Obelisk Blue, you have to be fit enough to run five laps around a bloody lake (it exhausted a fitness nut like Jamie) and then, while almost at the point of collapse, win five consecutive duels against other Obelisk Blue members.

The main problem there is that those Obelisk Blue members he beat, lost to him. Over and over again. Does that not then mean that THEY don’t have what it takes to be Obelisk Blue members?
1/18 c64 Just a Reader
I got an idea, and it might be too late for it. But can you give the Kaijus a special visual effect when they're special summoned? Like stomping on the monsters they're tributing or bursting out of the ground instead of the typical fading when tribute? For added cool factor.
1/13 c64 Just a Reader
Oh no...Alexis will not be happy if she found out that Adrian went easy on her. That's something she has in common with Kaiba and Chazz whether she wants to admit it or not. These three absolutely hate being looked down on. As much as I want our ice queen to legitimately win the tournament, Adrian was on a whole different level at this point of time compared to the rest of the cast. Oh well...here's hoping she wins against Chazz. Not that I have anything against "The Chazz", he's one of my favorites. And the choices you made with him made sense for his character. But he really needs a reality check. I don't want his views and baseless blames on Central Academy for HIS stagnation be verified. Especially when you witness the difference between North and Central overall skill level. Jamie and Alexis had way more adversaries in their club, strengthening their peers. While Chazz obviously didn't help his in fear of being bested. His only worthy sparing partner being Jesse, but he could only take him so far.

I've forgot to mention this in chapter 63, but I absolutely love the dynamics, description and life you put in monsters during the duel. Like the Kaiju's battle and black rose petals scattering after it was destroyed.

Far better than standing around with deadpan expressions.

Freaking Kaiba! Never taking nonsense from anyone! What will Viper do? Deliver Uria with an apology letter? Or go for more...desperate and extreme measures?
1/6 c60 Defiant7
out of every chapter I read I loved every single one but this one and it's cause you made him a bitch! why he crying cause seto is interrogating him, own that bitch like he owns everyone else!

phenomenal writing. one of the only Yu-Gi-Oh stories that I don't find myself just skimming fights and actually reading them and your characterization skills are 10/10. you got some talent so keep following your passion
12/31/2021 c2 4SoaringxDragon
I’m sorry did you just say your MC beat Kaiba and Yugi in a two on one tag duel? The two best duelists of their generation? One who has money to make his own support cards, the other who has destiny and magic on his side? The ones who pull out counter plays for days? Your MC did not just beat one of them, but both of them, together?

Not only that but you just casually state that as if you were talking about the weather. Like that wouldn’t be some big time news.
12/29/2021 c49 quarttzblade12
I guess it's okay to send murderous spirits after children if you have a good reason and you're pretty
12/21/2021 c64 Guest
Excellent chapter as always! Love seeing Adrian in the story and fascinated on where you will take his character from here. I'm also interested to see Pierce and his strategy.
12/20/2021 c64 ZeroSpearow
Yeah, i hope you will give cloud boy the newish cloudian cards, i mean, back when link was released cloudian link lockdown was super strong, i mean, Cloudian Aerosol and Cloudian - Turbulence combo was pretty nasty, like 8 link summons on turn 1 nasty, i hope you will soon show links and pendulums.

About pendulums, Predaplants just got a bunch of new cards, powerful fusions and pendulum monsters, i hope yubel will use those cards, there were release like, this week.

btw, Danger! Exodia FTK was a thing before half of the danger cards got banned or limited, it was just on the most recent banlist that some Danger cards finally left the ban list.

Full power link Cloudian, Danger! Exodia and Pendulum Predaplants, i cant wait to see what you are going to come up on future chapters.
Ah, even Duel links is using pendulums i dont understand why they did not appeared on this fanfic yet
12/19/2021 c64 Guest
Ever considered doing a 5D's fic?
12/19/2021 c64 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter glad you finally updated I’m glad Alexis is finally getting her duel and this arc sounds already promising with two different casts.
12/18/2021 c64 rorem-cire
merry Christmas to you my friend!
12/18/2021 c64 Zyr0TruthCanExist
I have recently been getting the vibe that Alexis and Jamie are going to end up separating, and god do I hope I am wrong about that.
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