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2/1 c22 Naruto is Jesus 666
man I have to congratulate you, Blade Knight cosplay was really well done, I didn't realize that on my first reading.
2/1 c19 Naruto is Jesus 666
What the Nani?! This can't be fucking real! Why on earth are they playing High School Musical songs? No, play something cool damnit! Like some Amaranthe or something! Seriously, my opponents are already going to doubt my masculinity for playing Melodious Divas to begin with, this was just going to drive the nail into the coffin. Heh, coffin.
Amaranthe with Nils Molin), is realy good. good musical taste author, and a pleasure to reread this story.
1/30 c59 Rosco Peeko Trane
Ah so my first guess was right instead
1/30 c59 Rosco Peeko Trane
So you gave other cards their anime effects but not Yubel. Also Yubel deals damage and then destroys the card. Just because the card isn't destroyed doesn't mean the damage isn't dealt.
1/29 c49 Rosco Peeko Trane
I was actually half expecting her to be using dream mirror's with her balance between light and darkness and the whole mirror aesthetic
1/29 c48 Rosco Peeko Trane
Oooohhhhh Judai is Blade Knight. No wonder Yubel is so comfortable around him
1/29 c47 Rosco Peeko Trane
If Bastion was given serious attention he probably would've carried half the series
1/29 c46 Rosco Peeko Trane
Evolving indeed otherwise I'm sure Dpe would've hit the field instantly. We'll see if Ed can figure out the fun destroy Dominance and Dpe with Dpe's effect on the opponents turn strat. Dominance let's you summon back Dpe along with DreadMaster and another destiny hero that all get protected for the rest of the turn by DreadMaster's effect, and with Dpe's effect to special summon a destiny hero next turn because he was destroyed you get Dominance back.
1/28 c43 Rosco Peeko Trane
Wait... did Bastion just get super omega buffed from all of his decks? Holy shit the real hero is here
1/28 c44 Rosco Peeko Trane
Solemn judgement negates spell and trap effects or the summoning of a monster, not monster effects. Solemn strike is the one you're thinking of with the cost of 1500 life points.
1/28 c43 Rosco Peeko Trane
DAAAAAAAAMN shit just hit the cosmic fan. Now I see the convenient way for Jamie to get his real deck some action without too much suspicion
1/28 c70 Peter Kim
Of course it would be Lunalight since Jamie is harem protagonist.
1/28 c44 Guest
Just wondering, but solemn judgment does not negate monster effects? It negates spells, traps or the summon of a monster
1/27 c28 Rosco Peeko Trane
Then again I'm just remembering that Judai didn't even know that there were other hero types until he dueled Edo so having him specifically state elemental hero is actually perfectly on point
1/27 c28 Rosco Peeko Trane
Okay one thing that's starting to get to me here is a lot of the very bad decision making in some of these duel's and how sometimes it seems like the reason is because you're losing track of things.

I can make the example of Bastion saying that he milled mezuki with foolish burial when he actually milled it with gozuki but that's just a mistake in wording and not actually worth criticizing.

The rules of the tag battle against Kagemaru were clearly defined; no one can attack on their first turn so Kagemaru should have waited until after Jamie's turn to commit to summoning starving in order to take advantage of the attack boost as he wasn't in danger of being attacked due to him being the first to get to launch an attack in that duel. Sure, you could claim many factors about set ups but I think that was definitely far more optimal.

But this one really gets me. David had machina sniper on the field, yet Johan attacked Saturn when attacking sniper would have just ended the game right there. Come on brudda. Whyyyyyyyyy

Forgot to say this on the other chapter, figured you might have just said it by accident but I'm gonna say this just in case; Stratos doesn't add an elemental hero to your hand, it adds ANY hero to your hand. Not that it really matters as I don't believe you've given Judai other heroes.
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