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1/25 c6 AU1
W story
1/23 c70 Serenade7
Great chapter as always, that being said I know I said this before but I'll say it again: During the big reveal, is it really necessary for Jamie to tell them about the anime and manga, wouldn't it be easier to just tell them Duel Monsters exists in his reality just not on the level of that world?
1/20 c70 Peter Kim
I wonder if you the writer will write a sequel to this fan fiction with older Jamie in Yugioh 5D timeline? We know Trudge from the original Yugioh makes an appearance in Yugioh 5D, so we do know some of the Yugioh and Yugioh GX is still alive in Yugioh 5D even if Trudge was the only one that made an appearance in Yugioh 5D.
1/19 c1 Noble phantom
Just found this fic, very exciting start. Long time player and reader of various fanfics so have high hopes.
1/13 c70 1BruhMoment65
Another great chapter. I can't wait to see the final duel between Chazz and Alexis.

Also that Jaden callout is hype. Wonder what Jaime's gonna say to smooth things over. (Or end up making worse) lol.

Amazing chapter, amazing effort.
1/10 c70 3Emblemfan1
Oh, this has absolutely made my day! Jaden and Jamie are finally face-to-face again! I can't wait to see their next interaction!
It's been a long road but the moment is finally here. You did a fantastic job getting to this point. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat right now!
Seriously man, this was a great chapter! Really liked Chazz and Bastion's duel. Especially the little flash of the original timeline Chazz has. I'm interested if there will be any other repercussions of this vision.
Besides that, still love the continued character development. Chazz has been an absolute delight from start to finish. Your storytelling is honestly top-notch!
Really looking forward to the next one!
1/10 c70 2KingPlotBunny
uh oh well at least he'll be able to have this talk with Jaden in private hopefully Jaden is still level headed enough to understand Jamie really is trying to help but boooo i wanted Chazz to lose so bad here's hoping Alexis stomps him not sure how to feel with Pendulums and Link monsters coming into play i'll be blunt the power balancing in YUGIOH was already screwy then they came in and it worse
1/10 c70 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter and happy new year I’m looking forward to this plot twist.
1/10 c70 10shuujin.takagi
Al fin, jaden y jamie se encuentran
1/9 c70 Ant0nius
And thank you, Yung Warrior, for your continued updates!

Whelp, this is going to be an awkward conversation between Jaden & Jamie. While Yes, Jamie has used manipulation in a couple instances, it's never been directed at Jaden. At best, it indirectly affected Jaden by improving the Obelisk Blue, which changed the group Sartorius targeted the Arcana White arc.

Honestly, I'm kinda shocked that Chazz beat Bastion here. However, it is a pleasant surprise that the Chazz didn't look down on Bastion. What a change in development compared to canon.

I legitimately curious on what kind of Pendulum cards he may acquire while in this other realm. Though I do have a theory about which archtype it may be. His spirit energy takes the form of a Blue lion. He's been using the Melodious deck for this entire story so far. This leads me to one conclusion. The pendulum cards he will find will be the Lunarlight deck.
1/9 c70 1Pridesbane
Awesome update! Cant wait for the next one

One question though-Chazz shouldnt have been able to Tribute Summon Light and Darkness Dragon while Zombie World was in play, right? Or did I miss something
1/9 c70 Peter Kim
I look forward to a duel. between Judai vs Jamie. I look forward in the talk between Jamie and Judai and will he tell Judai his real name? It is the fault of the Gentle Darkness which Judai is a main vessel of and I wonder why the Gentle Darkness needed another vessel or needed him to take Jamie’s body? The greatest advantage him in Jamie’s body is that in his previous life, he was a professional duelist and duelist against other pro like duelists in the internet, Yugioh tournaments and other duelists in libraries, etc and duel with and against other decks, so he knows a lot about other decks and their weaknesses and strength and more.
1/9 c70 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Good chapter, and interesting path you've taken
1/9 c70 Guest
1/9 c70 14KuriMaster13
Okay... so Ojama Country summons Ojama's from the GY, not the deck... Blue only searches Ojama's and not summons them... not sure if the MST play would have worked since I see nothing on Balderoch's text saying that the field spell needs to be out during effect resolution... and Gozuki needs to banish a zombie (other then itself) from the GY to use it's SS effect.
Okay, I think that was all the duel errors I noticed... well, the ones that actually had an effect on the duel that is, I spotted a couple other spots where it looked like you were revising the duel and forgot to edit a sentence or two, and one spot where the stats showed Bastion instead of Chazz for the LP... but those didn't effect the duel any.

Beyond that, good chapter. :)
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