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1/9 c43 Lonewolf1836
It's a good story but sorry man I'm gonna have to stop reading this story I'm old school when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh I can bearly understand the basics of synchro much less if you dump xyz,exceed, and the other newer ones as well.
1/4 c5 majikss
this fic would be so much better if you would just write romance better and if you knew how to write female so they weren't just objects
12/30/2022 c2 dumpstertrashfire123
Why is your SI (presumably an adult mentally) flirting with a teenager in the second chapter?
12/23/2022 c69 ArguableReader
AT LONG LAST, I'VE MADE IT TO THE END, figuratively speaking.

Seriously though, that PROFESSOR sartyr guy,
ALL THE WAY back near the beginning, was attacked and supposedly KILLED,
and yet that name still exists for some reason, as if he's ALIVE & IMMORTAL or something.
12/19/2022 c6 Darkpheniox343
I’m kinda surprised jamie didn’t take jinzo i know he runs a trap heavy deck but jinzo can get you out of pinch. Jamie also would do good with Horus
12/19/2022 c47 ArguableReader
BOOSTED GEAR? SERIOUSLY?! L.O.L But nice cameo none-the-less.
12/19/2022 c43 ArguableReader
I had dropped out of Yugioh the franchise, ever since the transitional period of the early 2000's or so.

Mostly though, ever since the contract termination, during the original airing of Yugioh-GX,
I BARELY, managed to catch even an GLIMPSE of the 5-D's era, and since I couldn't see it much,
my mind started moving elsewhere, and WHILE the yugioh franchise managed to barely, continue,
the series overall, was STILL aimed at the TEN and under, age,
so yeah~ why watch child-friendly, 'edited' trash huh?

Most folks were more LUCKY, than I was.
12/19/2022 c38 ArguableReader
Sartyr? Wait...SARTYR?! from the earlier chapter's from before?

The sartyr, whom was an generalized teacher,
that you described as DEAD to the academy...after he was attacked?

12/18/2022 c27 ArguableReader
Well here we go then, out and away, from canon to the protagonist's personal adventure's instead.
12/18/2022 c26 ArguableReader
What a weird chapter, for a VERY weird story, and this makes it feel like,
some sort of comedy story, or crack-fic as the term is called... heads spinning!
12/18/2022 c25 ArguableReader
Just for the sake of, myself, and because the web-host is garbage,
I will leave an reiteration, to a degree, of an previous review.

You proclaimed early on, that you may DENY the plausibility,
that your protagonist, would become, an mary-sue, or gary-stu, gender pronoun's and all.

You said, the dual-spirit thing, was, technically, of the table, along with,
the fact that, said protagonist, would not have an harem.

He is not a, you know, as of, for now, but he appears to steadily, seems to be,
turning into one anyway, regardless of what you said, he wouldn't turn into,
near the beginning of this story.

He has a dual-spirit, he has harem, literally his 'special' deck are all female based.

So then is he a gary-stu or not, entirely depends on the diection,
and interaction's he will go through.

Your protagonist is only a mary-sue/gary-stu IF, if he gets out of painful situation's unscathed.

He has to be hurt, physically & emotionally, more than a handful of time's to be,
not some kind of mary-sue, but I'll have to read more, to be sure if that's true or not,
otherwise, this story, is contradictory in itself.
12/18/2022 c24 ArguableReader
Okay~ two week's ago, as of this review, (I read other stories and get distracted)

I believe, from each authors' note you left behind,

You said you were trying NOT, to create an mary-sue-ish character, or GARY-STU,
for the sake of gender pronoun's at least.


You said, that you would deny the plausibility of your protagonist getting a dual spirit,
and yet as of one or two chapter's previously, it's TECHNICALLY the opposite of what you said

The harem, is already achieved, by the sheer FACT,
that the melodious monster's are ALL designed as female anyway.

This story, while pretty great at first, feels contradictory as of this review.

I'm gonna read more, but it seems to me, this story is WEIRD, and not in a positive way, for now.
11/18/2022 c12 Zhelander
Why are the characters so freaking bipolar. This isn't just being a teenager the characters need serious psychological help.
11/18/2022 c7 Zhelander
What's all this drama about having a deck with you? They're in a freaking duel academy where they fight constanly. They should have their main deck on hand always.
11/10/2022 c69 1BruhMoment65
Its been a long time since I've made a review and I wanted to congratulate on another well made chapter, and the one before it as well. Your story is amazing!
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