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for The Origin Of Ethan Morgan

6/21/2020 c15 Guest
Can you add one more chapter please because I am wondering what the vampire counsel will say about Ethan
6/25/2019 c15 74charmedfan120
What an amazing yet bittersweet ending to a brilliant story
6/20/2019 c15 Guest
could you make a sequel were Ethan ends up in a situation were he is forced to drink human blood? And have him start a relationship with Sarah?
6/8/2019 c15 58TiredOfBeingNice
awwwwww! that was so SWEEET. there was so many sweet moments in this one – christian's last words, the morgan family being reuinited and happy everyone was safe, erica nearly crying; everything was perfect! and it was a perfect way to wrap it all up!

i'm really proud of you for this fic, my dearest fanfic buddy! it was definitely no easy feat, but you did it! and you did it really well! i can't wait to read everything else that you have in store, fanfic buddy *gives you a hug* you're my chosen family too, by the way. i think we have a pretty dope bond *heart* :D
6/6/2019 c15 25Stretch Snodgrass
Great ending to the story. What can I say? Great suspense, excitement, action, surprises and twists. You managed to give everybody a happy ending. Even the villain!

You handled this clever premise very well! I like to think of this as a "what-if" story (all fan fiction is, to some degree). Mainly because I prefer Ethan not to be the biological child of a millennia-old vampire! But if he was, there'd be no better way for the story to go down!
6/5/2019 c15 16Bennyweirlover17
such a great final chapter I loved everything about it so emotional and wonderfully written I’m sad to see this fanfiction end since it was so good all the way through but at least it ended on a high note so for that I give a big round of applause nice job friend
6/5/2019 c14 74charmedfan120
How is it that your chapters just keep getting better. I have to admit I was surprised to see Ethan develop vampire powers, I wonder what weaknesses and strengths of vampires, he has inherited
6/5/2019 c15 3Decipher the Cipher FMSKHU
Aw, it’s over :( It was really good while it lasted though.
6/5/2019 c15 19AngelLyslion
I like this chapter, I very sad your story id finish
6/4/2019 c14 25Stretch Snodgrass
Amazing chapter! Sadly, overlooked the update until now, as my "follow" doesn't seem to work properly.

Killing the child in front of the parents (and big brother). Could any form of torture possible be any worse?

Ross sure had a close call with being infected himself. I suppose vampires are a lot like certain types of snakes, they can choose how much venom they release (or if they release any venom at all).

And a father-son fight to the death in the next chapter?! You very cleverly explain the moral dilemma, how Ethan's committing patricide to put Amir out of his misery and stop being a danger to the world -as whatever was good in him has now been extinguished and/or twisted.

Here's hoping that Ethan has the vampire powers without any of the drawbacks - his powers were brought out by the extremity of defending his family and friends against a terrible death.

That Bruce is really a traitor! I didn't expect one of the hunters to be a turncoat, and work for Amir. You would think Bruce, of all people, would know better. Even Amir seemed slightly disgusted with him.
4/10/2019 c14 1MBAVamp2001
Well, your wrist must be pretty sore by now huh? Too bad that a third slap on the wrist has to happen now. Lol.

That was the most engaging chapter of your story that I have read yet. I could feel the emotion, and I watched it all play out in my head and the conflict in agendas between Ethan and Christian was just brilliant.

Although, Ethan would have been born with vampire blood regardless of being a human. So technically he's always been a vampire... but just half? Is he a Dhampir by any chance? *grin intensifies*
It could explain everything, and I could bet my money that he is definitely exactly that. Half human and half vampire just like how someone could be half Romanian and half Canadian.

Either way, I am stoked for the final chapter and can't wait until m̶y̶ your answer to be revealed!

You should seriously consider becoming an author though as you are incredibly talented.
Good job as always, and let the beginning of the end commence.
4/5/2019 c14 58TiredOfBeingNice

i actually GASPED when ross got bit, that was some freakin scary times! i am so scared for everyone, but i can feel the climax coming and it's exciting!

i wanna know all about ethan's vampirism ! also, i am really glad ethan decided to save his family, the ones who were there through him all! but i am glad he also recognized the pain behind christian's backstory, i think it makes sense for his character, as ethan is an empath who always saves his chosen family in the end. i like that about him, and i like how you stay true to one of his best character traits :)

i am so excited to see what happens next, fanfic buddy! ahh! the suspense CONTINUES! *munches on popcorn, on the edge of her seat * :DD
3/31/2019 c14 15white collar black wolf
Liked it
3/31/2019 c14 19AngelLyslion
I like it
3/31/2019 c14 16Bennyweirlover17
i loved this chapter so much going on that i was on the edge of my seat the whole time can't wait till the final chapter hopefully it's a good one
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