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11h c14 Zerufuke
konoha elimanates random bandits
not capture them
how very dissapointing that your mc doesnt seem like a shinobi at all but a child playing shinobi
11/27/2022 c13 CorruptedFlame
Did she seriously NOT look over her father's last gift for years? And then the first time she reads it is on a whim in front of her friends?
I get that you wanted to keep it in reserve for plot reasons, but c'mon. That's a bit clumsy.
11/27/2022 c12 CorruptedFlame
I think my biggest problem with Dreaming of Sunshine is how much it sticks to the Anime... I get that it was revolutionary as an SI at its time, but I don't think it's aged very well at all now.
11/27/2022 c10 CorruptedFlame
Also the 'You have them, they' re safe?"." you think I'd hurt them?but is kind of awkward. Like, obviously Mitoko isn't suggesting You hurt them, just that they might have been hurt in... Ya know... The Biju attack. Just a strange character dialogue which doesn't make sense. Which is wierd, because you're the one who wrote both sides of it. Idk, just popped out to me so I mentioned it.
11/27/2022 c10 CorruptedFlame
Why would Itachi thank God for mercies? Christianity doesn't exist in Narutoverse, its Shinto/Buddhist stuff Iirc.
11/27/2022 c8 CorruptedFlame
It's kind of sick for her to be abusing Itachi like this tbh. Is she not aware the rest of her classmates are also going to be child soldiers who kill people on command? I dunno, just don't like it.
11/27/2022 c7 CorruptedFlame
The way her parents are so obsessed with her being under the radar and not graduating early is a little wierd. Shouldn't they be glad if she's talented and learning quickly? Especially now that the war is already over, I thought early graduations were only during war time while Itachi was his own thing etc. I dunno, just feels too meta when EVERYONE around the MC is parroting that 'you don't want to be a Genius!' thing, when really it should only be a few of the most jaded people. It just loses its meaning if its so common you know?
11/27/2022 c4 CorruptedFlame
Does Danzo kidnap geniuses? Itachi never got kidnapped. I think he just kidnaps people he thinks he can get away with tbh, trying to kidnap geniuses who have a spotlight on them just feels like a bad idea... What's more important is to either 1: get strong enough you can't be kidnapped, or 2: try to avoid situations which make you easy to kidnap.
11/27/2022 c3 CorruptedFlame
She who forgets Cryolite is doomed to eat it. Your SI is already doomed and she doesn't even know!


Great story so far!
10/21/2022 c20 Guest
Why did the story suddenly stop making sense?
10/21/2022 c7 Guest
What is the point of visiting the commemorative stone, is it more because visiting the supposed death tomb?
10/20/2022 c85 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

9/19/2022 c8 Mayar-Omran
6/18/2022 c85 schneefink
I started reading this on AO3 and then immediately had to go check out the other chapters here. I enjoy this! Hana as Danzos apprentice is... inspired. I am very intrigued by Danzo here. Does Hana remember the timeline when the Uchiha massacre happened in canon?, she does not seem very focused on that rn. I am also confident she will attempt to do something regarding the Hyuga and look forward to seeing that.
5/22/2022 c74 luther10120111
Now this another good twist divergence. Another small ripple of effects .
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