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6/18/2018 c1 Guest
I love your focus on followers. I loved Maglor and Amras thinking Maedhros died (you know, that would be really interesting AU). I loved, how we got into propaganda, tools and not knowing names, general depletion, kids with kites, mass graves conversation, I loved Curufin picking locks with pins in Amras' imagination, slow rekindling of creativity, sulphuric flashback, I loved how Amras' voice sounded, it was its own and I really thought "Yop, that's him.", I loved this closeness between him and Maglor as the last two remaining while Nelyo was absent and then I was dismayed when I remembered, that he meets his end in the third attack on fellow elves.
11/16/2017 c1 Twelve Dollars
This actually had me convinced in the first part that Maedhros had really died, and I was thinking, 'Oh, what an interesting AU,' but then BAM he ain't dead no more and I guess this is going to fit into canon. (It would be an interesting AU though.) Anyway, you write really well and I can't wait to see your next work!
8/31/2017 c1 24Galad Estel
I really like the sibling relationship Maglor and Amras in this piece, and how you capture the emotional and mental trauma that these characters would obviously have after all they've gone through. Maglor is so obviously suffering from depression, but Amras isn't just letting him give up, much to Maglor's dismay. With Maedhros gone, he expects Maglor to fill the role of leadership so he doesn't have to. The tension that that conflict built seemed very realistic to me, especially Maglor's snap at Amras that they let Amras grieve his twin's death at Losgar. I also liked how Caranthir was proud to use the word psychosomatic out of school, because it kind of showed Caranthir's disassociation from the pain the rest of his family was experiencing. Overall, well done!
8/29/2017 c1 Silk Leaf
Very well written, the characterization is just perfect! You really brought out the anguish of Feanor's sons, AND their followers. I don't suppose the followers thought they'd lose everything too.
8/26/2017 c1 18Quihi
This was wonderful and lovely and moving. It all felt very /personal/. Very nicely done.
8/25/2017 c1 112AzureSkye23
I think my favorite part of this is Amras is clearly not alright, but you weave it so much into the background that you get the effect you're going for: Amras is not all right, but that's become his normal. And about the glue sniffing: at first I was thinking that was a rather unhealthy coping mechanism, but then I realized the coping mechanisms of most of his siblings are probably worse, so...

Maglor, too, was fascinating, because this story really showed what he will come to in the end, and why and how. Amras is there to force him out of it, but when he's finally alone, he's just going to fall into it and not come back. Also in terms of Maglor, when he was welcoming Maedhros home, I got the very snarky line in my head where he said he'd taken his brother's lordship twice when he hadn't needed to, and he wasn't going to do it a third time. 0_0 First time Maglor's ever spoken to me, I think, which means you've done a fantastic job with his character in this piece. :)

I also really loved the contrast between the way the three brothers act, and what we see of their underlings. It was fascinating to see the juxtaposition, with the FĂ«anorionnath brutally certain that they and everyone who's followed them are doomed, and are really just waiting out the time until their dead (which you showed brilliantly when Maedhros comes home), and their underlings who insist they're not doomed, and are still excited when Maedhros is alive and not dead. And on that note, I think this is the first fic I've read where Maglor and Amras think Maedhros is dead after he goes after Dior's twins. It's a very interesting idea that's left me a lot to think about!

Fantastic story as always, Crackers! May your muse be ever productive. :)
8/25/2017 c1 33fantasychica37
Incredible! Beautiful, powerful, humanizing. wonderfully tragic!

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