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for Alpha and Omega High School: The Way It Is

3/31/2020 c24 Wolfo100
What a fantastic story so far. Incredibly well written. Very entertaining, filled with humour, and very action packed. I got invested in this story very quickly and I'm glad I did.
I hope to see this story continue into the future. Very good work Omegawolfjack!
3/9/2020 c24 imjustlikehumphery
Great chapter jack, keep it up! I'm really glad that Keith will live albeit in a short coma from blood loss for what Garth did to him. Humphrey and Jack shouldn't blame themselves for what happened. What Keith did any of them would have done for each other. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/9/2020 c24 3Troy Groomes
aw damn it Garth better run
3/9/2020 c24 2KeithTheLoneWolf
It's unfortunate that Keith's in a 'minor' coma, but it's better than being dead. At least we know he'll be all right once he awakes. I'm very curious of Jack beat Garth until he was barely breathing or not. You never know. It's great to know you're still writing this story. Leaving it unfinished would of been a nightmare. Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/3/2019 c23 VMAN ALPHA WOLF
please update soon this story is going really good and I like to see where this ends and I love the cliff hangers btw it shows how much effort into making this story.
8/29/2019 c1 2the king alpha
i got a 78 charger that has a 400 4 speed its flame oarnge has the black gt stripes all complete and not a spot of rust sitting next to some other cars the plates say it was last on the road in 81 it was my grandpas car
8/26/2019 c23 imjustlikehumphery
Great chapter omega, keep it up! Jack's about to kick some Garth ass that is if he's indeed alone. I just have a feelin this could be a trap and Garth knew that someone, namely Humphrey given the flashback and all, might look for him here. I easily could be wrong about that though. Guess we shall see. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/26/2019 c23 3Troy Groomes
Incert Chuck Norris fight scene
8/26/2019 c23 22TheRavenMocker
8/26/2019 c23 2KeithTheLoneWolf
Oh man, watch out! Jack is on a big rampage hunt for Garth! Better stay out of his way unless you want to lose a finger. I Hope Keith will survive. It would stink of he didn't. He's a good character in this story. Always bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Anyways, great job as always Jack. You always know how to make amazing chapters. It's always nice reading your chapters, knowing how much work you put into them. You will always be an amazing writer to this community.
7/12/2019 c22 imjustlikehumphery
Great chapter jack, keep it up! Garth that has to be the stupidest thing u've ever done. What in the blue hell were ya thinkin bringin a gun to scare Humphrey. If things worked out like u thought they would I highly doubt that Humphrey and Kate would break up anyway but instead Keith, thinkin that his friend was gonna die, got in front of the bullet. I hope ur dumbass is happy with what u might have done here. I hope Keith will be alright and I guarantee ya that no one that knows Humphrey and Kate will ever trust ya Garth after this even if Keith ends up bein fine. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/12/2019 c22 6NoRoleModelz98
This story always had me thrilled reading it to know I inspired such a good talent author. Anytime I get the notification email for this story's update, a supressed smile form on my face. You've always been a great supporter of mine and I'll say I'm forever in dept but my intensions is to show you my appreciation. #MuchRespect #MuchLove
7/12/2019 c22 22TheRavenMocker
Garth is now Thanos again. Man lol you guys took the villain too serious lol. BRING HIM JUSTICE. BRING HIM TO FACE...THE HURRICANE RAVEN!
7/12/2019 c22 3Troy Groomes
jeez Garth really, thinking a gun solves problems
7/12/2019 c22 2KeithTheLoneWolf
Darn you, Jack with this gosh dang cliffhangers! Why you do us like that lol. Garth will pay for what he's done. This might have been a short chapter but I don't honestly care. It was worth reading, just like every other chapter you've posted. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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