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for Titan through time

3/7 c19 Amazlng0rangexD
One of My Favorite Stories, When’s the next update? Cause I can’t wait
1/21 c19 1yraj2004
this's awesome!
can't wait for the next part!
10/19/2022 c19 Guest
thanks for writing the chapter! se you next time!
10/18/2022 c19 Guest
so op warhammer titan is even more op, cool I guess?
9/18/2022 c1 1dsipu0720
this story is so awesome.I'm waiting for an update.
7/14/2022 c19 moyacc2202
Really, really good!
5/3/2022 c19 SlitheryOwl777
Man this has been a ride. Great story and writing. I like how despite coming from the future and him knowing everything, I like how you throw some hurdles in Eren’s way so it’s not just a waltz in the park lol.

Anxiously awaiting more, and also intrigued to see if we’ll see either a reformed or pessimistic Zeke make an appearance
4/27/2022 c19 jtscores
Cliffhanger! This story is super satisfying at times and I wanna see how the last war goes, you’ve got me invested.
4/21/2022 c19 7supersaiyangoku065768
Nice exciting chapter. I enjoyed your take on the Warhammer Titans powers. I could totally imagine that in the anime format lol.

I feel like the other shifters (especially Ymir getting distracted like that) went down too easy, but other than that I think this was a great chapter!
4/21/2022 c19 304Traitor of All Traitors
4/19/2022 c1 3Noxim
despite a few sections being incorrect now that the manga and anime have finished this fic is really good so far. excited to read more
4/18/2022 c19 Eddyg125
Cloning seems a little Farfetched here. I understand trying to make her a threat to everyone but this is a little ridiculous. Still good story
4/16/2022 c19 OvpScarf
Omg I had just about given up on this fic, so when I was rereading it is just now noticed it was getting updates, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY
4/16/2022 c19 ThyDevoutBeliever
I think i've completely lost the plot of this story 0_o its been too long
4/15/2022 c19 Robotdocter
im soooo glad to see another chapter of this, i went back to reread it AGAIN cause i had forgotten if it had been updated since last i had done so (i have a lot of stories favorited and followed and its a mess in my inbox ;-;)
awesome chapter, hopefully they can start to turn the battle back in their favor after all the unexpected cloning :D
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