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5/15 c20 Germzy
Nice plot twist with the multiplying. even though you wont be posting anymore it is still an enjoyable story to have read. the Hope and saving everyone truly raises my spirits to read.
12/11/2023 c20 Guest
The whole cloning thing when that's impossible without a organic structure connecting the human to the titan or the titan to the others is not only impossible but a contrived plot point that makes no sense. Goes against the war hammer titan abilities and limitations as well. If it was another bearer maybe it would be beilevable due to the changes in abilities but it's just not currently.

You better make up for this poorly written mess of a fight with willy and his sister being forced to face justice head on. All so us readers can see their fall in great detail as everything collapses to their horror. otherwise sitting though such a obvious but impossible plot device for what should be the big final battle just isn't worth it
12/10/2023 c20 aGnamZer0
I seriously wonder how Lara controls all those clones though. I doubt she's controlling them remotely. Her brain simply can't osmpute so many informations simultaneously. So how does she do it?

More importantly though, Eren's group is being completely led by the nose. It's grand time for a change in dynamic.

Thank you for writing and sharing your work with us!
12/10/2023 c19 aGnamZer0
Well, I can't say I had expected that. I'm not particularly surprised Lara was able to dominate the rest of the titans, it is after all the final battle, but I certainly hadn't anticipated she'd be able to create clones.

As Naruto would no doubt attest, it's a real game changer!

Add to that Hange and Erwin aren't used to using Titans and so are pretty much sitting ducks in the battlefield, and it's gone from having a huge advantage to being in a desperate situation.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c18 aGnamZer0
« "How many times?" she finally asked him in a soft whisper. »

In chapter twelve, Mikasa asked Eren that question. I have tried to ignore it, and hope it didn't mean what I feared.

It seemingly does. Eren went back in time more than once. To be honest, I hate the concept. If Eren can just go back in time when he fails, where's the tension? There will necessarily come a day when his attempts will bear fruits.

It would be another thing if he only peeked at potential futures, seeing their outcome and deciding whether or not he wants to try it, because then, when he dies, he dies, but here, if he fails, he'll just start again.

And it's also pretty weird because if he truly went back so many times, how come was he surprised by Zeke's move to bring Eldians to shift with him?

Concerning Eren shifting the imprisoned Eldians into titans, I had actually already considered the possibility (because they'd be like trojan horses), but then I had discarded it. The reason Eren decided to kill all titans in Utopia was because he couldn't save them, unless he gave them one of the Nine Titans. If so, if he transforms those Eldians in the camps, how does he intend to shift them back into humans? And if he can, why didn't he do so with those mindlessly roaming Utopia?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the final battle. The War Hammer Titan is also one of my very favorites and honestly the most powerful as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c17 aGnamZer0
I love all those schemes and word games. I wonder how Willy will play it and whether it'll go in line with what Eren hopes for.

The War Hammer Titan is probably the second most dangerous titan. The first obviously being the Founding Titan.

I hope Paradise will succeed in contacting the Azubito before they're turned against them.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c16 aGnamZer0
Ahah! Didnd't expect Levi and Mikasa to single-handedly destroy both Zeke and Pieck. That's certainly a legendary feat!

And so, we now enter the geo-political warfare against Marley. I wonder how this will all play out.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c15 aGnamZer0
Didn't expect Zeke to survive an encounter with the Colossal Titan. He's truly not ordinary.

And that, Mikasa, is why emotions have no place on the battlefield. If you had just knocked her out as you should, Pieck would never have been able to reverse the situation.

Now, we're back on square one. Except, this time, Pieck and Zeke are prepared.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c14 aGnamZer0
Looks like no one, not even Eren, had seen Zeke's move coming with all those titans.

Zeke's truly smart. He was able to, in a very short time, come up with a very plauisble theory about this ambush. Kudos!

I'm glad no one died for now. Neither Mikasa nor Levi, who both had a very close brush with a titan's mouth, were killed.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c13 aGnamZer0
Being able to devine an arrival to the exact number of ships purely through the behavior of wind and sea... is that even possible?

It's certainly very awe-inducing.

I wonder if Zeke's instinct about the complications was due to his Beast Titan or his Royal Blood. I doubt it's the latter since Ymir has no reason to help him.

Looks like things are about to get heated. Zeke brought 100 potential titans with him, after all.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c12 aGnamZer0
Must feel quite weird for Eren to be called Sir by his former friends and comrades.

So Eren and Mikasa are finally together. Nice for them!

Still, I do wonder why Armin seems so absent in this story. Besides that one scene where Eren trusted him with teaching his Elite Team about strategy, he's been suspiciously invisible.

Oh, so the reason they want to make Paradise titan-free so soon is a prevention against Zeke. Smart!

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c11 aGnamZer0
Looks like people who were once close to Eren have some sort of remnant of memories or feelings connected to him. I imagine we need to thank Ymir once again.

I do wonder why Eren believed those three more apt to wield the armored and colossus titans better than Reiner and Bertelt with all the training they received. Or was it more a question of trust?

Eren certainly seems to be the true leader of this nation. Historia and Frieda might officially be in power, but the one with the true power remains Eren. And he's loved for that. He really played his move well!

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c10 aGnamZer0
Wow! Kudos Eren for escaping Levi and Erwin's trap. It was brilliant! Using your own titan body as a decoy. Incredible!

I do wonder why Oluo didn't shoot. He'd surely have managed to kill Eren before he can do anything, no?

« The path of Truth lies beyond the Intertwined Rope. Make the Jump and reach The Gate. »

I wonder what that means and how Eren managed to understand the meaning immediately.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c9 aGnamZer0
Damn, all those plot twists! I love it. At first I thought it would be a relatively straightforward mission, but clearly, it isn't!

Thankfully, despite her lack of experience, Ymir was good at following instructions and didn't try anything reckless.

I do hope her 'claw throw' didn't break Gunther's spine, though.

I think the fact Eren didn't try to kill Petra when he clearly could have should allow him some measure of trust from Levi. From there on, it'll depend on Eren's persuading skillsa and charisma.

Didn't expect Mikasa of all people to be outplayed. I wonder if she'll manage to overturn the situation.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/10/2023 c8 aGnamZer0
I wonder who shot that soldier about to kill Dina (because I know Dina isn't the one who died).

Honestly, the fight between Annie and Reiner against Kenny was breathtaking! How the heck are you able to write such an intense, powerful and vivid fight? Usually, fighting scenes are the weak points of most authors, but clearly it's actually your strongest asset. Just, wow! It left me on the edge of my seat all along!

Still, I'm sad Eren took away Reiner's titan. Would certainly have helped against Kenny.

Looks like Ymir is intended to help Grisha during Historia's operation and told her to not worry about such mundane things like blood type or infections.

Thanks for the chapter.
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