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6/7/2018 c1 Guest
10/22/2017 c1 jbadillodavila
9/23/2017 c1 5BrightNova169
This made for a nice, light-hearted one-shot. Acerola doesn't seem to get much limelight compared to the other Trial Captains which is kind of sad. And seeing her feel inferior to Lillie was kind of depressing. But hey, she's got Sun now. That'll brighten things up. ;)

Still, what are the odds that Sun would end up with a full Ghost-type team? I was also a bit surprised that he didn't have a Drifblim or Dhelmise either. Then again, the former has been known to prey upon others...

While I can't help with the character tag issue, I do have a suggestion for the shipping name.

HighSpiritsShipping. Thanks again for the one-shot.

8/26/2017 c1 20twilightwrites
This was cute! Keep writing.

8/24/2017 c1 45Cottonmouth25
Acerola is love.

Acerola is life.

Acerola is Best Girl.

As a lover of Ghost-types myself, and also a fan of all things adorable, I think Acerola is the most precious little cookie in the whole franchise. You're absolutely right. This site needs more of Ghost Bae, stat.

Instant favorite.
8/24/2017 c1 Guest
What a cute oneshot! I definitely agree Acerola is not even in the list of characters of Pokémon FnF for now at least. Thank You for making this, you made my day ! And hopefully more fanfics for this adorable Alolan Elite4/ Trail Captain :) .

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