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9/19 c1 islamy96
Interesting, the dialogue feels akward on first few paragraphs.
12/27/2020 c2 Morse ex Dei
'Being a part cheetah, which is the fastest land animal on the planet, Sienna was much faster than any normal Faunus. '
I thought Ruby was the fastest land animal on the planet?
-Anonymous mors ex Dei
9/6/2020 c2 7Eslam Yaser
I love how mature the girls and i want to know more about it
5/27/2019 c2 Liloac
I really enjoyed the two chapters of this story. I dearly hope you continue this, or at the very least put it up for adoption so someone else can, but that seems unlikely since you haven’t updated in over a year. However, it’s a good idea and it would be sad to see it go to waste.
9/15/2018 c2 4MageTGM
Damn. Do it! Just Do it!
4/25/2018 c1 ThatGuyFanFic
This story is Interesting
Plz Continue
1/9/2018 c2 Pikanet128
this is interesting
more please
11/23/2017 c2 JackTheSpades
If you actually mean what you said about "The Commission" in your first chapter, then you better continue this.
There are two few RWBY Villain stories out there (and anybody reading this is welcome to prove me wrong) so seeing a great setup like this go to waste would be a massive shame (... massive enough to steal it :P).
Seriously though, it's not been too long since the last update so I still dare hold some hope. Even if the hint at slow update rate is frustrating in it's own right.
So following this for now. Please do continue .
10/16/2017 c2 DragonFire003
I'm not sure if it's me, you, or whatever word prosseseryour using but the writing in this looks like broken English. but other than that I like this story, plz continue it.
10/9/2017 c1 AnimeA55Kicker
Color me interested
10/6/2017 c2 alrickit
Grammar is iffy, but that's my only issue with it. I am MASSIVELY curious to see how this goes!
9/12/2017 c2 Guest
Please continue this story has become one of my favorites on the
entire site and still has so much potential.
9/10/2017 c1 Sasha37
Comment to A/N in Chapter 2: Please, this is one of the best start-up stories ever. The summary attracts attention by saying RWBY due to repetitive time travelling become monsters to gain happiness. Which in itself is too strange to ignore.
This allows you to do the 1st chapter without needing and including detail into the time travel (Though I would suggest to mention and include their previous attempts and failures). This also expresses that Team RWBY want freedom and so will all become maidens, something that is exceedingly already unique to this story.
Since Ruby is a Silver Eyed Warrior already, will she be a Silver Eyed Maiden Warrior, to which what will her powers extend to and what will they be?
9/9/2017 c1 hirshja
Gah. I was really excited for this story. It's different, in the vein of not this time fate, but your grammar and sentence structure is just so damn bad, it's impossible to read.
9/8/2017 c2 Blade
Good chapter. A little too short for my taste but still a high quality one. Now I'm hyped for the next chapter to see this ops: bloody valentine. I know you probably won't write anything until the end of the month but perhaps you can write at least five hundred words per day/week. Maybe it could help you.
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