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8/27/2017 c1 2zuruin
Billboards of Umi's face, damn to be honest I would freak out if I see this the entire day, or lose it just because of Umi. Nico you should know better that Maki doesn't seem like the type to smile a lot, well that does makes it a good goal for being a meme. I can't believe Nico just niconico nii'd as she blasted off to the wrong direction, it would have been hilarious if Nico wasn't prone to getting hurt in this... Story was great, hilarious at first then took a dip in angst then back to hilarious at the end. Also Nico you are already a meme. *insert Gold Nico Nico Nii
8/25/2017 c1 13A Faggot
Billboards of Umi's face hahaha holy shit. That's something I'd like to see.

Nico? Not a meme? Even without her catchphrase's memeability, the fact that she DABS in the first season alone is enough to elevate her to meme-status. I understand what you're going for though.

Dat boi...Shrek...talk about Harambe and we can bring back the trifecta of 2016. Pepe's still relevant because of all the political bs, at least. I liked the concept of Nico attempting to recreate real life memes, especially her longest Nico Nico Nii ever, that's funny stuff. The rest of the stuff is just her doing stupid things, although I guess that's the point; one only really becomes a meme by doing stupid things and hoping it catches on or by being black.
Still, if she's trying to birth a meme by appealing to the mainstream, that's going to fail 9/10 times (or 99/100 times in this case). In my experience, memes are created by repeating one thing to a group of shitposters enough times that the idea catches on, and then it spreads from there (i.e bone-hurting juice). Poor Nico tried so hard to not let her memes be dreams but, without proper understanding, she doesn't get very far. In the end, it doesn't even matter though.

Haaaaaaaa 'We are Number One' as well ouch. Still, nice of the girls to do all that for her.

I agree with your author's note. Nico's family situation really won me over. This story was a good analogy of her motivation for being an idol (analogy doesn't sound like the right word. Parallel?).

About the summary: seeing as Umi's meme status as an exploitable preceded Nico's efforts to become recognized, the summary too should mention Umi first. The way it is, I get the impression of Nico trying and failing with bits of Umi interspersed. I'm probably just overthinking though.

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