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for Galra?

4/25/2018 c21 23Bubblekins1010
Hmmmm... Well, this'll be interesting. I wonder what Lotor and Lance's plan is, and how it'll change...
4/25/2018 c21 Cloudy111
Nice chapter,
4/24/2018 c21 The Night Whisperer
God, I would love it if Lance and Lotor went back to Earth. XD Seriously, I want Lotor to meet Lance’s family and for them to just “adopt” him. LOL XD Especially, Lance’s mom because I feel like she’s going to be the most protective over him. Like, I just want him to be loved, damn it! LMAO XD Anyway, please update soon :)
4/24/2018 c21 7PrinceAshton
Ahhh! I was so excited when I got the notification and I was not disappointed! I so adored this chapter. I can't wait to read more. :) Good luck on writing and just life in general!
4/24/2018 c21 maynarmi
I love this story! I love how Lance interacts with Lotor and his generals. I look forward to the next chapter.
4/4/2018 c20 Guest
Pls update
4/3/2018 c20 25windwraith
this is very interesting, i'd like to see you continue it. the new season is out with Lotor working with the paladins I'd call that fuel for inspiration... could you please nudge the plot bunnies to continue this? Go lion!
3/30/2018 c20 Cloudy111
Love this!
3/29/2018 c20 23Bubblekins1010
Ha ha ha ha! Lance's reaction! Though I don't know /how/ he'll get on without Matt around. Also, now they are fully aware of the situation - at least on the Galra side - and Voltron is going to only be half-clueless after Matt explains stuff.
So, happy excitement for both sides! I can't wait to see what all Matt discloses! (With his sis and Shiro there, along with the tearful Hunk and confused Keith and very forceful/angry Allura I can see a lot of stuff coming out.)
3/29/2018 c20 The Night Whisperer
I’m actually glad that Matt’s with Voltron now because he can help shed some light on the situation. Like, telling them about Lotor and how his team seems to operate. Since, I feel like that will be very useful to them in the future. Especially, if they end up getting in a fight with them. Anyway, please update soon :)

I loved the little scene between Zethrid and Ezor. XD The whole thing had me cracking up. LOL XD
3/29/2018 c20 llamamoose23
So many chapters! I love it!
3/29/2018 c20 23Blitza
Definitely enjoying this! I love this story!
3/29/2018 c20 7PrinceAshton
I do love this so. :') I can't wait to more. Good luck!
3/29/2018 c19 Cloudy111
3/29/2018 c19 23Bubblekins1010
BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! THAT LAST EXTRA! "What? I panicked." That was great! Bwa ha ha ha ha! This was good though, I was sort of expecting explosions and lots of chaos, but this was good, and even better in a way since I wasn't expecting it to go quite this way! I'll be watching for the next chapter!
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