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for Galra?

9/14/2017 c12 Resa
My God this is a fucking masterpiece
9/14/2017 c12 llamamoose23
Yay! More lions! I don't know who would be the first paladin that lance interacts with but I am anxiously awaiting for his reunion with Hunk. Also since the Blue Lion is in Galra control, that means team voltron can't awaken the black lion cuz they need blue there for that soooo that's even more motivation for team voltron to capture Lance... I feel like now Blue is going to send him a lot of conflicting feelings cuz she misses her sisters but she love lance and he might start questioning his place with the galra(?) but the character you've written doesn't seem so easily swayed to team voltron. I am waiting to see how this all plays out!
9/14/2017 c12 The Night Whisperer
My sexy brother from another ... ? *breaks composure* LMFAO XD Oh, my God! Lance! Do you even have an off button!? XD Seriously, though, I LOVE the banter between Lance and Lotor. It's truly one of the greatest highlights of this story, and one of my favorites. So, please keep up the awesome work! :)

Oh, Lance is definitely going to meet Keith first. I just know it. But I wonder if he thinks the pilot of the Blue Lion is Galra since Lance was speaking in their native language. He probably does. But I can't wait until he finds out! :D Anyway, please update soon :)
9/13/2017 c11 4romcom15.0
Lotor the savage, man! "does he seem like a right hand to you?" rotglmao!
9/12/2017 c11 6Dragon Courage
9/12/2017 c11 IceAurora
Man, seeing that you updated was a treat.
Especially since you seem to have updated twice since I last checked back? I was pretty confused before, but seriously. I'm SUCH A FAN of this fic.
I find it really interesting that you've portrayed Lance this way. It really seems to fit with the entire 'abducted by Galra' thing, and it's pretty interesting!
But my favourite part of the fic has to be Lance's relationship with Blue. Like, your descriptions of it are so compelling? And it's just really amazing? Like, the way they seem connected is so interesting, and described in such a fascinating way, I really enjoy it!
Having Matt there is sure to be interesting plot-wise as well!
So in essence, I really love your fic, and I can't wait for another update! Thanks for writing everything you have so far! (Since it's all so AMAZING at the moment!)
9/12/2017 c11 The Night Whisperer
Well, damn, Shiro ... Way to pull a Kuro on everyone. LOL XD But at least he managed to get the Red Lion. Although, I thought Hunk and the others were gonna hitch a ride on the Yellow Lion since it's still on Earth. But hey, as long as they're in space it's all good :) Anyway, please update soon :)

I freaking love Lance's nickname for Lotor. XD It's just too cute!
9/12/2017 c10 12ningyobaka
i'm really enjoying this one.
9/12/2017 c10 6Dragon Courage
Please can i keep him? I'll feed him and water him! Oh my goodness that was so cute!
9/11/2017 c10 7NewSlove
LMAO oh man...definitely funny here...it's like Lotor can't say no to Lance at all and also saying Matt's not a pet XD oh man definitely funny...and I also can't wait to see when he meets Shiro for real tho I'm sure so much chaos will happen... I'm seriously enjoying this!

Btw I've noticed you have some spelling and grammatical errors throughout the story... Only like simple mistakes lol. Thought I point it out. Oh on a last note, would you ever consider posting this on A03 too?
9/11/2017 c10 The Night Whisperer
LOL XD I never thought Lotor would have this conversation with Lance. But then again, I didn't think he'd go around taking in stray prisoners. Now did I? XD Okay, but seriously though, how awesome is this! Lance and Matt are going to be roommates, and it's only a matter of time before the other paladins show up.

Oh, and speaking of them, are you going to place Keith on Hunk and Pidge's team at the Garrison? You know, since Lance isn't there because I think they'd have a pretty interesting dynamic. Anyway, please update soon :)
9/11/2017 c10 Resa
Wow just wow
9/11/2017 c10 llamamoose23
Hahahaha plot twist! Lance is so bubbly and innocent i love him
9/11/2017 c10 1Fantasygirl1329
Yay! Matt is here! And Shiro! Lance has some human people he can talk to. I'm interested to see how this all plays out because it was the Blue Lion that got all of them into Space, so I want to see how that will happen now, because the rest of the Paladins have to come in at some point, right?
9/7/2017 c9 llamamoose23
I love the little glimpse of older lance, I absolutely love he shapeshifts to annoy lotor and that he is very flirty and confident in his skills. I was actually wondering about how the future will play out, this is years before Kerberos so shiro and pidges family will still be captured but will lance have any say in what happens to them? Also having them still getting captured helps motivate Keith and pudge into space along with Hunk cuz he's gonna try to find lance but how since the blue lion left earth already? Maybe lance gets a little vacation? I really look forward to how things play out, keep up the good work
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