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3/22/2019 c30 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! More new updates!
3/9/2019 c29 DESPERATE FAN
Woo! Lance is reunited with his Hunk XD
3/9/2019 c29 23Bubblekins1010
YAYS! Things are finally going well! I'm so excited to see explanations and so on from our blue boy! Thank you very much for the update!
3/8/2019 c29 The Night Whisperer
Awww, I’ve been waiting for this moment and it’s even better than I imagined :) I’m so glad Hunk and Lance are reunited. They really are the best of friends :) I also love how polite and diplomatic Lance was in this chapter. It showed a certain level of maturity from him, which I really liked. Lotor has taught him well. Anyway, please update soon :)
3/8/2019 c29 jennkaye
Thank you for the update. And most especially, the reunion. Are we now going to see some bonds of friendship and understanding being built? After all, whatever you do with Lotor considering the show arc, your Lance, like the show Lance is truly good at heart, regardless of his upbringing. And even the generals in the show were redeemed and became valued allies in the end...
3/8/2019 c29 3lala32903
good bros being bros
3/8/2019 c29 23Blitza
3/8/2019 c29 Ky111
Great chapter, looking forward to seeing what's going to happen.

Until the next one.
3/8/2019 c29 9Aki.Electric
Finally, he know! ( *-*)/
I thought he would take longer to realize.
I'm glad, I liked that they embraced.
This is friendship. Simply beautiful.
I hope the Paladins and Allura can get along with Lance.
Good chapter, I love it.
See you later n.n/
P.S: Seriosuly, I love this chapter, the wait was worth it
3/8/2019 c29 Guest
Super excited when I saw update
3/8/2019 c29 Redmanelion
Lance found his Hunk, wooohooo for Lance! Lance, don't cut Keith's hair.
1/7/2019 c28 Ky111
Awesome chapter and what a way to throw a coup. Very clean hopefully it will stay that way.

It also seems that Blue and Red are fighting over Lance as it seems they both want him to be their Paladin. Although if Blue is holding back and stopping their bond from deepening then she might be preparing to let Lance go already (although I think if Lance did switch Lions that he could still take Blue out occasionally).

I bet the other Paladins have no idea what's going on now.

Until the next one.
1/7/2019 c28 The Night Whisperer
Oh, my God! Is Lotor going to pilot the Black Lion?! YES! Give us some of that Black Paladin!Lotor goodness. LOL XD And did they just kill Zarkon AND Haggar? Damn, I honestly wasn’t expecting that. But it adds a wonderful plot twist to the story :) I guess the universe will never be the same again. But for better or worse has yet to be determined. Anyway, please update soon :)
1/7/2019 c28 llamamoose23
OMG I AM SHOOK, I am so excited for what’s to come next!
1/7/2019 c28 Redmanelion
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