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for Galra?

12/10/2018 c26 Redmanelion
The one time I like Slav, he's too confused to understand the situation and understands almost too late. That info on the black lion is interesting, could mean potential danger for Lance.
12/2/2018 c25 The Night Whisperer
Well, with how things are going so far, I wonder how you’ll end season 2. Since, Team Voltron still doesn’t have the blue lion and they can’t defeat Zarkon without it. So, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Anyway, please update soon :)
11/30/2018 c25 23Bubblekins1010
DUN DUN DUN! I love the reaction that everyone had to Kalteneker, I think she's probably one of my favorite characters in the show. It's a shame she gets so little screen time! Anyways, I'll be on the lookout for more, and I'm pretty excited to see Lance and Matt meet again. I also want to know what Matt's been telling the others. ...Hmmmmm so many possibilities.
11/30/2018 c25 Redmanelion
Slav. Great it's Slav. For Lance I will suffer the annoying creature thing (seriously what is he?)
11/29/2018 c25 Guest
This is very good I like your writing and the story line is amazing can't wait for the update.
11/29/2018 c25 9Aki.Electric
Oh, my God! Zarkon will train Lance? Oh, if it happens what I think will happen so this is will going to get out of control.
11/29/2018 c25 Guest
Woo new chapters!
11/29/2018 c24 The Night Whisperer
I love how Lotor is just so done with Lance’s shenanigans, and basically shoos him and Kaltenecker out of the room. Classic. XD Anyway, please update soon :)
11/29/2018 c24 Guest
So good
11/20/2018 c23 KrazyKittyKat3
Oooh goodness. 'The Galra Empire now has a cowthat's great. Love this story
11/14/2018 c23 RigelCecil
Oh kkkkk
11/13/2018 c23 Redmanelion
"The Galra Empire now has a cow" why is that the funniest thing to me. XD
11/12/2018 c23 Guest
I don't know why, but thinking that Zarkon has a cow called Kaltenecker... I'M DYING HERE, OMG
11/12/2018 c23 ThePorpoisePhilosopher
This might just be my favorite voltron story, jyst because of how ridiculous, yet good it is. Also, Kaltenecker!
11/12/2018 c23 23Bubblekins1010
Oh my gosh! That was great! And the poor, poor, poor confused Matt! (Yes I know Keith is confused too, but I'm more invested in Matt in this story!) .
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