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for basilisk eyes

3/5 c2 Benjamin Etzinger
I really hate it when I'm interested in a story but I just can't bring myself to read it because it's so repetitive and boring. Like listening to the worst kind of history teacher that just drones on and on about some trivial details, in the most boring voice you can imagine. If you wanted to, you could summarize the first two chapters in maybe 5 paragraphes and not loose any kind of relevant information. If someone where to talk to me like that for a minute, I would scream at them to get to the f**king point already! I can imagine you wrote that way to build up suspense, but after repeating it again and again, my brain just tells me "F**k it! I don't even want to know anymore"...
3/2 c4 Safira
Please continue your story it's amazing
2/20 c4 Guest
I hope Harry notices something off about Tsuna and takes his 'Allie' to get a cleansing for his freaking SOUL Block!
2/20 c4 Guest
Please continue! I've really enjoyed reading this so far.

What if the Black Family already has a group in Italy that being watched over by a Squib branch member who turns the family over to Harry (Leo) Black?
12/14/2020 c4 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
12/9/2020 c4 2silvery crimson moon
I adore this story! It is well written and also has a wonderfully unique story line! I look forward to future continuations!
10/3/2020 c4 strdrgn
Three chapters of no story and all back ground was a bit boring and I definitely skipped several paragraphs. I hope that you gave finally reached the story now. This should be good if it keeps going with actual story and not just telling of what happened.
4/24/2020 c4 1Aysa54
I absolutely love the story so far! Great job writing it and I can wait to see where you take it!
3/17/2020 c4 bloodshound
Um... question.
Isn't Sawada Nana's MARRIED name? So why would Harry, if he's a cousin, be Sawada rather than whatever Nana's pre marriage name was. Just saying...
3/13/2020 c4 13Black Dragoniss
Love this story, what about Hedwig? Or is she too noticeable? I’m excited to see what happens next
2/15/2020 c4 holyscythe
i do like your story bit your writing can have some work on them.
your sentences and some word could be better. i feel you repet yourself with other word about the same thing, i like this story and that harry have basilisk eyes and i wonder what happen to hedwig?
were is his wand and why can he use magic without getting a warning, and were is his invsible cloak.
and will there be anything about the deathly hallows.
why does harry be ok with killing a person will that be explaned.
from a new fan.
have a nice day.
2/12/2020 c4 angeldunn1993
Lol I love this story it keeps me interested and I can't wait for you to write more.
2/11/2020 c4 3ProcrastinatorC
It's too explanatory which kind of loses the meaning of story and more into a bunch of info overfeeding although my biggest WTF was when Harry decided to tell his life like he hasn't been hiding for years, trusts them like friends and I don't know...Have no wariness! The statute of secrecy is still a thing on his side you know. Still, it's good. That I can admit but no logic.
2/8/2020 c4 1roanoak
Ok I call bullshit on Harry simply spilling his guts on his entire life story to reborn and Tsuna. Yes I find your explanations completely believable as agents toward sharing information, I just don’t believe that Harry as you have written him would do so. Share yes, share everything and in significant detail no. That is giving up way too much leverage and for so little.

More believable would be the magic exists, don’t try and look at my eyes they will kill you, and I’m on the run from an old wizard who wants to chain me to his side to make use of my extensive Nobility and political power.

Reborn is already interested and will help him along, he doesn’t need to know all of Harry’s tricks and abilities especially before he starts coughing up the info on the flames.

Harry may understand that being free with the info will save him some trouble from Reborn, but he would also be aware that as a Troll, Reborn is going to cause trouble anyway. Harry’s Paranoia, trained sense from being on the run, Cloud Instincts, history with the twins, history with oppressive figures, and own common sense are all going to argue against giving someone like Reborn more weapons and leverage against him. Something proven in this next most recent chapter 4 where Harry is aware that having Reborn bear the controls is a bad thing but gets distracted by Gokurda in that way Reborn is so very good at.

Narratively you don’t have to use the paragraph to explain what Harry has done for training as you have already spent a few chapters going over how you built him into a Varia Officer ranked fighter.

Better to have Harry counter Reborns offer of permanent Alliance with a temporary Alliance should Tsuna come to prove himself worthy. That Way Harry can stick around and offer magical training aids in exchange for Flame Training. As it is Harry has basically sworn himself into submissive bonds in a way his instincts would rail against.

Reborn should also know better than to bind a cloud so tightly, sure he can get away with it but if the Cloud down not consider it a true and honest connection, than tsuna will not be able to hold him. Just look at how Reborn handled Hibari. Tempt him with what he wants but bind him slowly, step by step. All at once puts the system in shock and rebellion.

Harry should flat out have not shared anything about Poisons or Tears. Both make him insanely more valuable and he knows it. Additionally, Harry fixated on being able to use his poison to break out of anything or any attempt to trap him, so he would not share that information with anyone he wasn’t sure could and would have his back. Tsuna and Reborn have not proven that yet. Sky to Sky, I can see Harry KNOWING that Tsuna would have his back but Reborn has only a single objective and is so blatantly mercenary that Harry would share nothing he didn’t have to with the man until he was rock solid sure of where his loyalties were at.

If you want to integrate Harry into the article battle sequences, have him suppressing his strength, sure he is stronger but don’t have him share how much or the exact details of where. Sure you can have reborn deduce the scope of Harry’s strength from playing around with the training room settings but having Harry explain all of his powers and abilities in such detail sounds like he is trying to sell himself to someone who has already committed to buying.
2/7/2020 c4 loleo
you can't be real! a Harry, who was not found in three years since his flight from Hogwarts and the wizarding world, should tell all his secrets while meeting Reborn the first time? are you daft?
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