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8/15/2022 c23 8Rookie W
I still hope for this story to make an amazing comeback
6/1/2021 c23 Devor
I sure wish you would continue, the story is great thus far but I think It has more potential then we've seen
4/3/2021 c23 1LJDelu
Holy smokes! This is definitely worth the read!
3/13/2021 c23 10LiddoAiren
Huh...I've been following this story since its beginning and felt compelled to write at least one review but never followed through! Silly me.


First off, I love the way you write the interactions between characters. The interactions between Weiss and Jaune's family plus Jaune himself are standouts in this aspect. There's some hurt, anger, understanding, support and most importantly, GROWTH. The progression from one person being unable to stand the other to being friends was both exciting and heartwarming to read (and also brought out emotions I never expected to feel when reading a fanfic).

I also love that there's not flat out enemies here. There's competition yes, but no outright malice or venom between characters (at least not from what I remember. It's been a while for me after all) and the competition between them doesn't end any friendships between them. It really made the characters come to life and feel human, which is a standout strength of your story that keeps me engaged and coming back from time to time. It's also something that I've tried to emulate in some of my writings as well, so thanks for that.

Not sure if you're still writing this, but regardless I want to thank you. This is probably one of the best stories I've read on this site for this fandom.
11/25/2020 c23 Majin Othinus
Update please!
10/18/2020 c19 1Keoki aka Koko
I cannot believe you spent all this time to set up a single Olive Garden joke.

9/19/2020 c5 The Impressionist 33
You had an opportunity to say Jaune-uary, and you missed it. Truly a shame.
8/31/2020 c23 Herackros
well so sad its been a long time since an update but damn i like this drama and character development you had.
7/15/2020 c12 1Crusada de Lata
Good writing, but I won't be reading any further, this fic reminded me why I don't read teen drama. I encourage new readers to read this quality fic though
7/12/2020 c10 8Bartholemeow
Yes, suffer Pyrrha! Suffer!
4/16/2020 c11 6DragonManMax
Once, in a fit of what I am going to call "Space Madness", I embarked on a journey of writing "The Woman Whisperer". I don't know what caused me to embark on that journey; clearly, I know nothing, and the aim of developing a harem was misunderstood, to begin with.

In hindsight, Yang is right about polyamorous relationships, and ultimately they only 'work' in anime due to the fact that they're fictional, and contain limitless teasing. Over time, I have come to understand and believe others will when I say this, that polyamory can only exist under the certain conditions of:

a.) Every member is absolutely compatible with every *other* member, so all can be treated absolutely equal.

b.) Every member not only loves one person within the harem, and it's five girls on one guy, but instead, everyone loves everybody, regardless of gender or orientation, to preserve the equality from the first condition.

She's right: eventually, jealousy can destroy something like that. So she now has that choice (an interesting one at that, considering the implications towards the end of the chapter) in which she must decide between either removing herself completely or going for what she wants.
4/16/2020 c10 DragonManMax
Ah, good 'ol poker. I'm a bit of a pro-player myself; always suck off the two runners down by the river and come in under the flop with the best hand: the Jack 3. You cannot lose using my very sound strategy for winning Texas Hold 'Em poker games.

Pro-poker tips aside, it's going to be interesting to see how things play out considering we have a bit of a love square (?) forming. Pyrrha is infatuated with Jaune, Weiss certainly doesn't hate him, and Yang is actively suppressing any feelings of affection for him (albeit with varying success).

I can only hope that in this story marked 'drama', no hearts are broken.
4/16/2020 c8 DragonManMax
Order Alpha had better result in some "Home Alone" type shenanigans by the time this story is over!

Regardless, it's good to see that Jaune at the very least has forgiven her for the probably somewhat justified public rejection a year prior. While those things sting, he's correct - he probably was being a bit too insistent, and that's a problem often seen in books, movies, and shows; a male romantic lead shows stalker-ish behaviour and gets the girl.

Interested to see how this look at Jaune's personal life continues to change Weiss as a person, and in the way she treats Jaune. Will it be with pity? Regret for hurting him? The same urge to cheer him up that Yang has?

Only time will tell!
4/16/2020 c7 DragonManMax
Personally, I think there's just something so beautiful about the classic meeting in the rain, the umbrella had or otherwise. It's unfortunate that it's as popular as it is, but I don't think that takes away from moments including it at all - it's just so very romantic.

Jacques really screwed up that one. Ultimately what he should've done is not brought Weiss along, brought Whitley, established him as the heir, faked Weiss being out of commission for the day due to sickness, while getting her into an obligation she never chose to be a part of, getting her contractually obligated to do what he requires, signing on her behalf as her legal guardian. That said, I don't know that much about the law, so perhaps that's impossible. That aside so too was it necessary to happen this way to continue - we see the pale man's true colours.
4/16/2020 c5 DragonManMax
Everyone needs a friend like Yang. She didn't really delve into details of what was wrong, but she helped. And taking off that pressure, that huge self-doubt Jaune must've been feeling at that point gives him that mental space he needs to sort out his thoughts.

So too, is she a good friend because she doesn't expect anything back from him for her assistance. Aristotle proposed that there was three kinds of friendships in this world, two of which were economic in some sense of the word, and the third of which was the only true kind. It was a terribly dull essay to write, but the conclusion I would come to examining Yang here after having written it leads me to believe she is of that third kind. Yang is a true friend, a friend for the sake of being a friend.

Everyone needs a friend like Yang.
(Furthermore, your 'Yanking'/'Yanging?' pun clearly should've been 'Yang-king'.)
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