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5/12 c4 konradblack015
hm, miller is actually a son of a bitch just as bad as zero considering he may have always been a spy for cipher even before he met naked snake the true big boss knowing that miller knew about paz and galvez before he met them, miller used big boss to create his ideals since big boss did not got the idea of making a professional multinatinational PMC, if big boss never met kaz Outer Heaven would have never existed big boss would have just been a nomad traveling to battles to battles until he met a warrior's death and would have not become a madman by being used and lied by everyone he knew exept Ocelot, Ocelot was the only man he could ever trust, his adoptive son, and as history would repeat itself miller used venom snake to kill skull face because skull face wanted to destroy cipher and zero, skull face had no more reasons to go against big boss after the destruction of MSF to him it was just a job, naturally skull face was literally the ennemy of you're enemy is you're friend, and you learn about it in one of the tapes in ground zeroes and gotta say big boss during his time in fox hound he personally teached solid snake in his mastered arts of CQC, when you recall the ending of MGS4 Big Boss quite literally handled snake like he was child wich makes you think did Big Boss let himself getting killed by snake at Zanzibar land over unknown fatherly feelings and emotions big boss had for snake ?

whatever is true it makes sense for venom to join big boss in the end since miller quite literally lied to him, used him and made him kill a possible ally by using the excuse of vengeance, if miller was trully loyal to big boss from the beggining he wouldn't have tried to push venom to betray big boss and i wouldn't be surprised if it was miller Who gave the info of the location for venom's Outer Heaven wich means he caused the death of his beloved 'friend' that was venom his 'true boss' but man gotta say you have to learn mgs lore better because at this point you might call huey and liquid the greatest heroes of metal gear and gotta say huey wasn't a genius the Guy just stole the work of other researchers and a fucking joke for a scientists which highlights how much his son is a better man than his father, strangelove would have been so proud of hal, remember in the end it was big boss Who sent the world back to zero, snake and co only sended the world back to one and metal gear rising is non-cannon and honestly they wouldn't have done it without big bosses remaining followers wich is Ocelot and Naomi, eva being dumb still certainly worked for the "patriots" in the end as she believed in Ocelot's disguise's as liquid

"cats love to act like snakes" anyway if you had analysed the lore miller is a massive son of a bitch and almost doomed the world to a never ending war economy status thankfully Naomi, Ocelot, big boss, otacon, sunny and solid snake was there to save it

plus it was a fucking shame for solidus the man could have saved the world in the 2000s if he didn't got fucked over by the patriots from the beggining
12/20/2017 c4 Lan
Well done.
10/11/2017 c4 Guest
This is for both 3-4 I liked that you made Ocelot a sympathetic character true he did some messed up stuff but he did everything for big boss and to end the patriots and I'll be honest after peace walker and ground zeroes I didn't like Kaz that he was so unforgiving towards Quiet and irrational but he had lost alot he lost MSF, comrades, Zeke and even his arm and leg so his bitterness is understandable. I really enjoyed this story i hope you continue writing you have a talent with words I'm curious to see what else you'll make
9/6/2017 c2 Guest
Interesting work.
9/6/2017 c2 Guest
So far so good I like the pacing of the story it keeps close to the lore without straying and you have Ocelot and Miller's characters done well. Can't wait for the next chapter
8/28/2017 c1 Guest
Love it! Thanks for writing! Also love ur writing style ahhhh :33

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