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5/22 c22 HunterHQ
Looking at some charisma duelists featured like Bast and Kisskill, how they didn't show up to help during the tower of Hanoi, kinda wonder how they are able to show face to the public who looked up to some of them like heroes but weren't there when Vrains needed them?

Or others later on like Kismet, Titan, Keliphortress or Miss Mousse.
5/14 c72 Guest
I have an idea for a new fanfic it's okay if you don't want to do my idea so my idea of a fanfic is what if yuga and Luke from yugioh sevens were sent to the world of yugioh arc v for some unknown reason, can you as well Change the effects of their cards because a rush duel are weaker than standard yugioh cards and thank you
Sorry if my English is terrible, English is not my mother language and sorry if I was rude.
4/30 c72 5scififan599
Do Star Relics need to eat? I mean, they're AI similar to the Ignis, so do they really need food? I remember reading about Almark eating popcorn, but this didn't occur to me until now.

Anyway, the changes in the plan of where to hide Akira and Aoi make sense; rather than a plane, they're hiding in Kaiba's building with numerous defenders sweeping the building. It's a good setup, but I would be worried about making it too difficult. Unless you intend for Ai to fail here, which I feel would be a novel experience.

The interaction between Go and Spectre went about as I expected. Go is contrite about what he did to Earth, but Spectre isn't willing to listen as he hasn't sorted out his feelings about Earth. It makes sense; Spectre is part of a group determined to kill the Ignis, yet Earth was a part of him. He doesn't know how to feel about Earth's death, so until he figures out how he feels, he can't respond to Go.

Then we have the lockdown duels. I admit I wasn't expecting you to write these out; I was expecting Ai to duel the Hanoi, not his copies' duels with Playmaker, Soulburner, and Revolver. But this was a good chance to show more of Ai's dueling, along with the implication he can perform Pendulum Summoning.

I look forward to seeing how you continue to handle Ai's assault. Are you planning on having Roboppy duel? If so, how many?
4/23 c34 Noobmaster
Sometimes I've wondered how Kusanagi ever started his hot dog business since it was never said in the anime, except how he took up hacking. Wonder if you'll ever touch up on that.
4/23 c32 Guest
It's probably late to know this but considering Aoi set up a blue angel event here for Naoki, in episode 65 it's revealed as the handshake event he made Yusaku stay back at school to help him with. Wonder if he ever got it.
4/20 c72 Guest
Any plans on exploring the origins of how Vrains or Sol came to be and how link monsters were created thus leading to the format change?
4/16 c72 Anonymous
Takeru went home? But his countryside home doesn't have access to Link Vrains yet so how could he help this time?

Will be interesting to see how Ai gets pass everyone to get to Zaizen in this and how he outwits them too, I found that enjoyable in the episode.
4/16 c72 3Super Shadow 2018
Wicked chapter. Definitely enjoyed the duels, thought i would have liked Borrelsword over Borrelguard. Nonetheless, great job with the duel.
May the force be with you !
4/16 c72 ZarcEternal
Oh nice another chapter, the duels were interesting and I loved all these A.I. cards and references to older cards. I can see a chibi Revolver hating how A.I. disrespects older staple cards.
Go and Specters interaction was nice, never liked how Vrains just dumped both of them of to the side lines. You revising cards isnt really a problem for me... because i forgot some of them even existed.

the next chapters will be spicey with all these extras and the new location of the Zaizens, cannot wait for more
4/15 c72 5HunterHQ
Doyon isn't a pendulum though, wonder why Yusaku and Revolver stated it. Side note you know Ai Ai wall can't be destroyed by enemy effects so Pyro Phoenix couldn't destroy it or am I missing something?

Kinda disappointed we didn't see the Hanoi's duels or Kioku and Erika's conversations with Ai either. Still being a long chapter it's understandable. Look forward to how things proceed.
3/25 c36 Noobmaster
Think you may touch on origins of Vrains and link monsters? Also how the Change of master rules came to be since the mention of pendulum monsters here? One thing to be certain of is that during the lost incident, the master duel field was used as shown in episode 19. Think Vrains came before the ignis or after?

Wonder how when Sol said their network was deteriorating with the lost of cyberse world and data material, then after the tower of Hanoi they made New Link Vrains, and after Ai's death they made Vrains huge somehow without data material.

Also I do Wonder how Ai got so many suits to put on his clones. Must have tailored it somewhere I bet during the 3 days before attacking Zaizen.
3/21 c71 3Black Force Demon
Hey, SakushiRyu! Love your work, keep it up! I'm mostly typing this up to ask you a question: How do you get your Japanese summon chants? Do you use Google Translate or a different site? Thanks in advance! Also, I'll be sure to recommend your story in my next chapter.
2/22 c71 wolf354 zxc
When one of your yugioh story is finished are you going to focus on Battle Spirits - Type Burning Soul
2/12 c71 5scififan599
As I expected, the duel between Almark and King ended in a draw. It was a good way to give a preview of what's to come certainly, but a draw does feel anticlimactic after all the buildup. Then again, I've done the same thing, so who am I to talk?

I'm ambivalent on the idea of Queen's role in this; on the one hand, I know she was mind-controlled by King to perform her worst actions in canon and that she has a daughter to give her more sympathetic moments... but at the same time, I can't forget that in the anime she was very amoral and never saw the Ignis as alive. I'm not sure she's the right character for a redemption arc; there are some characters that just can't be redeemed, or rather don't want to be, or don't see their actions as wrong or evil in the first place.

Then we have the whole conversation about the Star Relics, the Twin Gods, Blessed Monsters, the Evil Gods, and Servants... honestly, this is all really confusing and convoluted to me. I have enough trouble keeping track of all the backstories and conspiracies in my own stories! I don't have room in my head for all of this too! (Please note this is in a slightly joking tune; I'm serious about it but saying it playfully)

What was the card that Almark offered Revolver? A Link-6? Borrelend Dragon? I imagine we'll be seeing in a later chapter; after all, you wouldn't show it if Revolver wouldn't eventually take it. That being said, I'm a little concerned about Ai's assault; with this many people defending Zaizen, Ai will have a much harder time to get to him. And yeah, I know Ai is a strong duelist, but there's still a lot of people he's going against, and him curbstomping all of them would be hard to believe. So I'm curious and looking forward to how you'll handle Ai's assault.
2/3 c68 8animegamefanatic
i really hope Ai doesn't go completely evil on us...Season 3 was so messed up. Keep up the amazing work though .
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