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for The Worth A Thousand Words Job

1/29/2020 c1 Bkworm4life4
You did an excellent job capturing their voices, especially Hardison's. I love how you portrayed everyone's emotions, from Parker's angst, to Hardison's jealousy, Eliot's caring, not to mention Hardison facing his fears on the roof. I also liked how you captured the brotherly moment between Hardison and Eliot as they were running and narrowing down the search.
6/10/2019 c1 WolfhoundLove1
Hi, Liked this story. We know so little about Parker's childhood. Love the last name too. I could easily have seen this story going longer. Wish it had. Still damn good. Thanks.
1/31/2018 c1 4same ol' Tgirl
This was truly very sweet.
9/15/2017 c1 28Gilbert H. Karr
Nice job. Her brother was never named in any of the series, but might have been named in one of the books, which I just became aware of.

I saw your note at the end. I actually thought the sick Parker was based on the Episode with Hurley, where Parker and Nate were both in rehab, and Parker left with drugs still in her system. That may be what you were referring to as well, and if so, I'll look forward to reading the new story when you finish it.
8/30/2017 c1 8Pacacapa
Ah, no, you did a great job on Hardison! He's tricky, and you did very well. I love the part where he comes to Parker on the roof, afraid she's going to push him off. And I'm not usually romantic, but the conversation about Hardison's feelings for Parker was such a fantastic friendship moment for Eliot and Hardison that I smiled the entire time. I can't wait to read the work in progress!
8/29/2017 c1 39mashimoshi
This was amazing! I love it! Even though I'm more of an Eliot/Parker fan, this was still a good story to read. Great job!
8/29/2017 c1 Guest
This was great
8/28/2017 c1 chelseacarter8
This is so cute and so Hardison, love him. Great job
8/28/2017 c1 Amber
It's so easy to love and write about Eliot. Long hair, blue eyes, muscles, he fight and can save the world any day,women loves him. Personally, I prefer Hardison. He is the opposite of that, resident geek,black guy who can't fight, jokes all the time. He's so damn smart and adorable always smiling. Same for Parker beautiful blonde, anti-social. ...Their growing relationship is so beautiful so watch. Thank you for writing this. You got their characters right. Keep up with the good job
8/28/2017 c1 Guest
Very nicely done.
8/27/2017 c1 Tania
When I saw Parker/hardison pairing I was immediately interested. I love them together, great couple.
You got Hardison voice right but I don't know if this is something he will really do. I think the team is so good together because they know how to leave the past in the past and don't ask anything about it. Just my opinion
But it's really sweet and your writing is really good too. Thank you for writing this
8/27/2017 c1 24sapienlover
And now I'm snerfling and dripping snot on my laptop. Beautiful. And SO in character. Thank you.

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