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10/23 c29 infinity celestial
continue writing make it end happily like they forgive her and everything becomes normal after they tell her that they want her to go because walter almost killed himself and she live then walter gets angry and then they forgive paige
10/22 c29 Guest
Update plssssss !
10/22 c29 franxine bobo
is arrhythmia speaking to you yet not to mention all of all your great stories i love your writing. between you,grykon and dragonvet you guys keep me well intertained i just love your stories thank you.
9/16 c29 66ScorplinginTraining
Geez. I leave on a short beat-the-heat vacation, I get back and I found out I missed this update.

I'm so glad this brilliant story is still percolating.

It's definitely a relief now the cat is officially out of the bag. I wonder how they'll respond to Paige moving into the garage while she's healing? I'm both dreading and anticipating with much glee Paige and Happy's first conversation. That should be full of angsty goodness!

Fabuloso as per usual, my friend. Looking forward to more!
9/9 c14 48Grykon
I had to come back to re-read starting in chapter 14. I really just love how you brought them back together and their heart to heart conversations going forward. Of course I want them back together fast and permanently but this slow burn is so good and agonizing and nail biting. Thank you for this wonderful and on going story!
9/9 c29 83dS-Tiff
Dramatic chapter! I love how Toby reminds Walter that he can use his training to help in this situation. I also love your description of how Ralph processed the events.

And don't worry about any delay in posting new chapters - I know exactly how you feel and we can wait for as long as you need. :)
9/8 c29 Hilly
Great update! Love the team reactions and that Ralph is being nice to mom! Thanks for writing!
9/8 c29 heleenscorpion
I'm glad you continued this story. And yes I can relate to things being weird and no time, no inspiration to write. Don't worry I can wait. Great chapter. Thanks
9/7 c29 Marie
Thank you for thé update you did a great job
9/7 c29 Marie
Great to have another chapter - don't give up as we are really enjoying the ride...
9/7 c29 3Lucy Conan
Great chapter! Uh-oh... sounds like Paige will need some psychological help to recover from this! I hope Toby gets over his current bias about her long enough to help her or is honest enough to refer her to someone else. Like it that Toby is siding with Walter instead of Happy for a change
9/7 c29 franxine bobo
his so called friends are only happy walter is doing something only if it benefits them they seem to forget who walter is walter loves paige and because of her insecurities did the stupid thing but she paid for her mistakes and have been forgiven by the only person who matters happy is being a colossal bitch ii is like she was the one betrayed she need to realize that walter is a grown man and not her child, thanks for coming back to this story,,
9/7 c29 48Grykon
*ACK* I'm so elated you posted! Yaaa...Toby being half decent! Poor Paige, just trying, wanting to have a little fun after a year and a half of misery for the most part. She doesn't need the self imposed grief!

lol Walter, I can't believe you said until you get back on your feet at first. *ack*

Thank you for updating and it was wonderful! if not nerve wrecking!
9/6 c28 Franxine bobo
I really want to know how paige is doing and I want Walter to put happy in her place if he wants paige she has no say in what she thinks is best for him.
9/5 c24 Carol Ballinger Searls
This has been such a well developed storyline. So ready for an update when you are able !
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