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for Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero

3/9/2018 c12 GhostChris
Not sure what happened but chapter 13 was out and it just disappeared. Am I the only one who got this?
3/5/2018 c10 Gaddafi
Asians and Mexicans aren't usually tall
3/5/2018 c9 Gaddafi
Not bad. But the whole height advantage thing is pretty much non-existent. Bruce Lee was 5 foot 3 and he was knocking out guys twice his size and experience.
3/5/2018 c7 The Critic
Nice story so far. I just don't like how Roman is. He's like Vin Diesel's retarded brother, Vin Petrol. Or A Chinese knock off of John Wick.
3/4/2018 c5 Gaddafi
Is Roman by any chance have 2% Apache tribe blood in him?
3/4/2018 c1 Gaddafi
Oh no. The intro makes Roman look like the perfect soldier. Sounds good, doesn't work.
3/3/2018 c12 RobynTR
what was GSG9 doing during all that chaos Jager could have been some help with his ADS but your story not mine and im loving every second of it
3/2/2018 c11 RobynTR
side note i really really like glaz and how you portray him but again Jagers being mentioned like twice and feel as a pilot he could do more in terms of plot y'know and dont kill him in the Jurassic park arc that would make me upsetty
2/26/2018 c11 RobynTheRobyn
Dont kill Jager plz
2/25/2018 c1 3Cizin Ooal Gown
great chapter man, i enjoy the characters and pace your setting and hope to see more of the spetznas as they are my fav but ya know you do you!
2/24/2018 c10 Guest
2/23/2018 c10 nicholasthegunlover
Dude it's hard getting rainbow six and Jurassic world together but u do what you want
2/22/2018 c10 Guest
i would love to see Jager in Jurassic Park with team rainbow sounds interesting i like the idea
2/11/2018 c9 Guest
1/28/2018 c1 Jakko
Great story man love all 9 chapters still waiting on 10 but hopefully that comes along soon. Cheers man
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