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for Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero

6/7/2019 c24 TheCarlosInferno
I hope Roman and Taina have a full smut intercourse soon
6/2/2019 c22 3Bluen0va
hey man, loved the chapter, you did really good with the scene of the sisters, really emotional, but i do think you rushed the last part of them hugging, don't get me wrong It was good, but a bit too fast, maybe another round would have been enough, also i don't think i said. this much, but i see you over use the "as" and when you narrate someone like when you did the Vigil/Blackbeard scene you said almost everything in present but when its a thought It has to be written in past form, apart from that It was really good, and remember to always re-read the text It will make you notice mistakes, also take your time writing man! really good job
5/29/2019 c22 The Advocate7
Yo Eddie, wtf happened to chapter 23 my man.
5/28/2019 c22 VoidRunner006
Please let this continue if you are able I enjoy this like I enjoy few other stories
5/28/2019 c22 TheCarlosInferno
What happened with chapter 23?
5/8/2019 c23 Bluen0va
Woah, man, that was awesome, i really like that sometimes you give more importance to other ops apart from Roman and Taina, really like that, don't worry about the time, take It slow if you need if you rush things you Will only get burnt, so yeah, good work!
5/2/2019 c23 Jason Kale
The man himself makes a return. This is one of the best fanfics I’ve read, and I’m quite glad it’s back. Keep on keeping on man. Love the story, and can’t wait to see how it goes.
4/22/2019 c7 1DanDrake
Question is Roman bipolar? Because the dude can flip between happy, sad, and pissed at the snap of a finger. Also the fact that his first instinct in the face of a angry ex-girlfriend was to want to draw a knife says a lot about his mental stability.
4/9/2019 c23 Guest
I hope you continue this tory further to the planned 40 chapters you said, cause im loving this story alot. I hope we get to see more twitchmute. Great story development something alot of other rainbow fan fics dont have. The only other one i could compare this to is The storm of life. Which got me into this whole community. Still hy far this is the best most thought out one and i hope you continue on this story.
3/17/2019 c19 Oof
O of
3/6/2019 c23 10AmusedLight
Okay I pray to Allah that this story gets going and Taina X Roman keeps on.
3/5/2019 c23 NowThatsAGamer
kingeddie coming in with the epic clutch - I'm rdy
3/5/2019 c23 The Advocate7
YES! YES YES YES! i knew you didn't give up on this story! Also take as much time as you need to make sure your happy with all your future chapters of this story, plus I'll wait as long as I have to to see this story finished, I won't force you to upload chapter's as soon as you make them I'll just wait patiently for them.
P.S. have a good day/night.
2/9/2019 c23 4Doctor Dazzle
Real sad seing such a good fic go, but all power to you and I wish you the best in college and in your new fic as well
2/4/2019 c23 3Bluen0va
Damn, that's hard, but i understand you man, no problems either way i really enjoyed every chapter of this fic man, really good and im Happy you Also enjoy OW and i will gladly wait for your Next fic, i had one idea tho, maybe its just me, but could you try and make a For Honor story? (i know this is selfish AF, but i would really like to see how you delevop that world, anyways Hope this time you enjoy writing the Next fic

Luv U <3
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