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for Rainbow Six Siege: The Unsung Hero

5/3/2018 c16 Guest
Hey thanks for posting more keep up the good work
5/2/2018 c16 3Richie23
I'll take a wild guess and say it's going to be one of the SAS boys
5/2/2018 c16 Guest
I can already imagine... your readers, all of us starting a death pool... guessing which operator will die...
I just hope that operator doesn't have a sweet half... that would be heartbreaking...
5/2/2018 c16 14Mister Bombastic
Oof, wonder who’s gonna die. I’ll wait until the next chapter comes around my friend
4/30/2018 c15 dyehuda14
i ma just say, man up and finish what u started.. dont let reviews or any of that stuff your benchmark to define who u are or ur writings, mate. just be yourself. the way i see it, if not much reviews, you're doing a good job. it means no one criticized ur work, because some people only write reviews only to criticized. those silent readers, me included, usually admire ur work and choose to be silent so that it wont disturbed ur writings. trust me, u want no reviewers rather than having reviews but full of critique. anyway its up to u how u want to see this goes.. but, if u choose to stop, its just too bad, it means all those hours u put up to make each chapters, would be wasted, and all of this is vanity..
ps: if u dont get what i mean, in short, please continue the damn story cause for me its freaking awesome, and i believe many agree with me.
4/28/2018 c15 RobynTR
im not going to lie this author note 2 is petty as fuck i mean honestly you dont write because of reviews you write to paint a picture in someones head to think there in that world and yes reviews favourites and follows do factor a tiny bit but honestly if reviews favourites and follows are all you care about then i dont think you should continue this story as much as i like it
4/26/2018 c15 Guest
This is a really good story and you should have Mira and someone *cough* Tachanka *cough* fall in love. Anyways plz continue
4/23/2018 c15 Mister Bombastic
Having a seemingly popular story but receiving less views shouldn’t stop you from making the story. Reviews are helpful but they shouldn’t make the lofe or death of a story
4/20/2018 c15 Underdog
I feel like this is clickbaitish, as a way to bump up the reviews.
4/19/2018 c15 RobynTR
76 reviews Huh? looks like im typing 24 reviews 23 now commenting on each operator i can remember
first up montagne: still is very cool and gets into arguements with jackal until mira sorts him and jackal out cool guy overall
4/19/2018 c1 Tribus
Don’t stop anyrhing bud. None of us can actually change your decision but me and many others reading hope you do.
4/16/2018 c15 Guest
You ain’t stopping anything
4/16/2018 c15 CrimsonGeist
ok, do not discontinue this story. its the best siege fic ive ever read, and the first fan fic i ever actually cared about. ive been reading since december, and every chapter has been fantastic.
4/15/2018 c15 demandingrage
I support you in whatever descision you come to. I love this fanfic been reading since day 1 and I would hate to see it go but if you feel like discontinuing is the best option I support your choice
4/15/2018 c1 Avatar.Lui
ok what you said dosent make sense why would you discontinue a story because it dosent get 100 reviews? i like it but now im forced to leave one because the author feels like he cant write no more if he dosent get enough
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