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5/26/2018 c23 4DRM7
Yes!I knew it was lee the moment I read Jagged Tooth! Loved the chapter, although sadly there are parts I could not understand,like the description of the market... just could not picture it...waiting for the next chapter!
5/26/2018 c23 BlueBoltKatana
Someone: Spitfire is a very strong fighter, hes very intelligent and can make amazing strategies, hes a very capable wizard even though he lost his leg and his vision. He's inspiring because he suffered a lot at the hands of the dark lord and death eaters yet hes still alive and helping the aurors!
Harry and Hermione: omg! Who could that be!? He sounds so cool! I wish i knew him! I wonder if hes Moody!?
Me: this is why both of you didn't end up in Ravenclaw...
5/26/2018 c23 romildaamorentia
wow...thanks a million.

Elves and fairies...Ron's anxiety and his effiency...Spitfire's talk going around...Lee and Jagged Tooth...

Oh man, am on the edge of my seat!

You are doing a brilliant job!

All the best for your novels!
5/26/2018 c23 21notsing
Oh wow! You threw some surprises in here! I wasn't expecting Ron to be recognized, or Lee to suddenly appear. What a cliffy! Ron trying to be cool but panicking sounds right; I figured actually revisiting that place would be traumatic for him. Harry's finally starting to pay attention and put together the pieces about how Ron manages with his blindness. Fantastic chapter, thanks for posting.
5/26/2018 c23 WittyBasketcase
Holy shit! What a cliff hanger
5/26/2018 c23 18ViviTheFolle
*gasp* New faces, old faces, fairy abuse (reference to Wayward Son I bet), house-elf abuse, Ron having a panic attack D: , SPITFIRE GOSSIP!
... And the sequel of The Cluelessness of Harry Potter who still hasn't caught on about the fact that Ron's leg is GONE Merlin how unobservant is he -

So... In the end... will they have to choose between Jagged Tooth or...? Will we get one of the hopeless "you can't save them all" situations?
Please don't do that to me Windy.
5/26/2018 c23 4carrytheotter
Great chapter. Dying to see what’s next!
5/26/2018 c23 jroseley
May not have gone to plan but seems promising anyway. Unless of course Harry follows Lee and blows the whole thing up.
5/26/2018 c23 Guest
Oh... I want to shout at Harry so much, Spitfire is right in front of you. Harry is being waaaaay too slow in connecting the dots. Aaaaaaah.
I really really want both him and Hermione to acknowledge Ron's pain and his contributions with their own pigheadedness.
But all in good time, I hope.
Thank you so much for the update.
Stories like these keep Ron fans happy. :)
5/26/2018 c9 Have to say it
Great story!
But also, spelling: You keep using "innocents" (which are people) when I'm pretty sure you mean innocence (which is something an innocent person has). They sound exactly the same, so the mistake is understandable, but the English teacher in me is compelled to make sure you knew.
Thanks for the frequent updates!
5/26/2018 c23 polkorz
Gee Harry, come on, you know who Spitfire is! I want him to know so badly xD
5/25/2018 c23 JC RH
Not that I'm complaining but I'm surprised how much reviews this story has. Most people usually go for non complex shitty things instead of the gems. But boy am I glad you're the exception to that rule.

Once again, a great chapter which moved the plot forward without rushing. You have a great balance between character and plot. Keep it up.
5/25/2018 c14 WittyBasketcase
Oh my, this chapter tugged on my heart strings!
5/25/2018 c22 2JeanAndBilius
Going really well!
5/24/2018 c22 JC RH
I love your subtle humor so much. It isn't forced and it's refreshing. This is how humor should be in a dark fic like this. Awesome characterization too.
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