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for descendant and mated to the most feared warrior

5/6 c24 grumpieroldman
i hope you are feeling better and get back to updating when you can. great story by the way.
4/12 c24 Sandra46
i hope you find youre way back to this story. good luck nd all the best xx
4/12 c23 Sandra46
i think the other wolf is leah, so bella and jasper are having 2 girls and a boy. That's what i think. you have no idea how hard it is to stop myself from peeking at the oher chapters xx
4/12 c18 Sandra46
i was wrong bout tanya, cant say i ever thought of her as greedy other than in an insiatably sexual way. i did think santiago for a mate should have gone with my first instinct... who for charlie? maybe renata!? realy hope not jane that would be really freaky with the age difference... dun dun dun xxx
4/12 c14 Sandra46
im glad laurent and irina are real mates, nearly put that but was kinda hoping charlie would be or fins a mate. i do think he will become an awesome vamp maybe hell find true love in Voltura someone from the volturi guard. dun dun dun
4/12 c14 Sandra46
i think angela is abbys mate alistar is pheobes mate charlie is irinas mate. i think felix is tanyas mate. not sure if laurent has a mate yet. the shits definitely going to hit he fan. nice to no victoria is rileys mate and seems to be on the ide of good... oh i cant wait xxthanks for great story so far. pheobe is bellas twin xx
2/14 c17
so the mutts are going to stick their wet noses in? that means if Charlie knows then they broke the treaty.
1/30 c24 11netcy25
Will u update soon
1/12 c6 1ForrestersWitch
no disrespect in the following statement,
the police wouldn't have called Bella first shes a minor. With Charlie as chief of police he would've been alerted first. I imagine Charlie would have come home and the scenario would be that the vamps would have to come out to Charlie or flit in between Charlies comfort of Bella. Renee maybe a flibbertigibbet but Bella would be fucked up. longer than a day, story is intriguing and I look forward to reading more.
1/12 c3 ForrestersWitch
so far very intriguing
12/10/2023 c24 robissosexy106
It is a great story and hope you are able to finish it.
10/9/2023 c24 16ProudRavenclaw2017
Please continue this story. I am hooked and would love to see how this plays out. I love the twist and turns you did, yet it still made sense from the books and movies. Keep up the amazing work.
7/20/2023 c24 Navywife07
Please update
7/6/2023 c21 Guest
Dang! Jasper has super sperm! Three babies! I hope they're ready!
7/3/2023 c5
Maria and James ? WTF?
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