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for descendant and mated to the most feared warrior

1/25/2018 c10 amy.campbell.378199
Crazy! So much is happening!
1/25/2018 c23 keraatchley156
Excellent chapter! Loved it! Who is the other enemy? Can't wait to see what will happen next!
1/25/2018 c22 keraatchley156
Amazingly fabulous chapter!
1/25/2018 c7 amy.campbell.378199
Ok... Need a little emotion into your story so that you would get more of a character development. I mean Bella discovered news about her mother and managed to go through school without too much upset, she then discovers she has a half brother and doesn't even blink about it and us hugging him by the end of the day.
1/25/2018 c21 keraatchley156
Amazingly excellent chapter!
1/25/2018 c20 keraatchley156
Amazingly terrific chapter!
1/25/2018 c19 keraatchley156
Terrific chapter!
1/25/2018 c18 keraatchley156
Awesome Chapter!
1/25/2018 c17 keraatchley156
Excellent chapter! Loved it!
1/25/2018 c16 keraatchley156
Amazing chapter!
1/25/2018 c15 keraatchley156
Excellent chapter!
1/25/2018 c14 keraatchley156
Poor Bella!
1/25/2018 c13 keraatchley156
1/25/2018 c12 keraatchley156
Fabulous! Go Phoebe! I hate Carlisle!
1/25/2018 c11 keraatchley156
Awesome chapter!
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