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for descendant and mated to the most feared warrior

1/14/2018 c23 1ForrestersWitch
this story has its own vibe and though I hate 'to be continueds' I always look forward to your next chapter! It's good don't let any posers tell you different
1/14/2018 c23 42cathy29jes
Bella shares her dreams with all the least, why does not she talk about the traitor who may stab her back, she will be a little more protected but it is for his health and that of his children,
excellent chapter,
1/14/2018 c23 2Peacelovefairy
Oh I like and I love out of the wolves is Leah and Embry
1/13/2018 c23 kouga's older woman
I can be patient, but I will be waiting for more
1/13/2018 c12 8Sassy Mami
I’m liking this but I have a huge pet peeve. All the things that Bella doesn’t know you had already explained in earlier chapters. All the things about mating she already knew before meeting Jasper. You should go back and read your own story.
1/7/2018 c22 andrewpine
She has a damn shield and a connection to Jasper why is she being so stupid? so the Cullen's want the power to take over the vampire and human world but aren't smart enough to send spies to watch the twins to see what they are will be,so much fun to see their faces when they all realize just how screwed they to what Bella was told are they saying that she will bring the Romanians over to her side? hope you are feeling better and can update soon.
1/7/2018 c19 andrewpine
I see you haven't written your imprint story yet do you still plan on doing it?
1/7/2018 c18 andrewpine
Will we find out,who it was that spirited Phoebe away when she was born and why?
1/7/2018 c14 andrewpine
As usual the idiot goes off by herself knowing that there are vampires hunting her,amazes me just how stupid she can be ,yeah, I know she has her shield but come on.
1/7/2018 c13 andrewpine
Charlie is glad she is back with him,but I don't think he has spent more then ten minutes with her since she arrived he is either working or fishing. he hadn't even been around long enough for her to tell him he has a son he didn't know about. this is getting interesting all of the players seem to be falling into place.
1/7/2018 c11 andrewpine
Victoria just found her mate I believe.I imagine she will be joining with Bella like rest have .is the draw that has every vampire that she meets is drawn to her another gift besides her shield?
1/7/2018 c10 andrewpine
Let me guess Alistair just felt the pull to Phoebe ,he needs to thank Carlisle before he rips him apart and burns him. even as slow and clueless the humans seem in these stories I believe they would even notice if so many people had gone missing either as newborns or ,Jasper didn't feel them before they showed up or Peter's knower didn't go off just because of the baby? if the baby is a hybrid who is the father then?
1/7/2018 c9 andrewpine
It seems that Carlisle isn't the gentle humane doctor people believe he will be a pleasure to see both him and insane Esme burn. so Bella is a virgin that give mind blowing head? why does she take what Riley says without first trying to find out for sure?she saw her dad but didn't say anything to him,why ? if I have to guess when Carlisle finds that she has a brother he will try to get to him and probably Angela to get to her.
1/6/2018 c3 andrewpine
Cannot wait until school tomorrow. the look on Alice's face when she finds out about Bella and Jasper should be interesting.
1/6/2018 c2 andrewpine
Looks like Mystic Meg's plans if world domination just went down the crapper.I imagine she expected Eddie to mate with Bella,but who was it that was going to be stuck with her?
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