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for descendant and mated to the most feared warrior

7/3/2023 c4
the Cullens aren't going to stand a chance!
7/3/2023 c3
Charlie went fishing on Bella's first day back? some father he is! I thought he was going to take Bella car shopping?
7/3/2023 c2
charlotte was right... she fainted.
7/3/2023 c1
I love Peter and Char, especially when they live in Forks and can watch over Bella.
5/19/2023 c24 emoki13
I hope you update soon. This is so good!
3/20/2023 c21 andrewpine
. You cannot leave us having like this.
3/19/2023 c15 andrewpine
What is complot ?
3/19/2023 c17 andrewpine
3/19/2023 c7 andrewpine
What will the mutts think about a couple of red eyed vampires moving into town ?
3/19/2023 c5 andrewpine
1/18/2023 c19 VryUnique
At first I thought he was talking to Aro but it didn’t sound like Aro.
1/18/2023 c18 VryUnique
Too easy… expected to find out why Charlie thought phoebe was dead
1/18/2023 c15 VryUnique
Huh… I guess Angela was the missing mate, it had seemed we were one short. Now Laurent needs to tell Marcus that Santiago,one of his lower guards is a traitor. I’m going to make a guess that he is Tanya’s mate.
1/18/2023 c14 VryUnique
Geez…. Typical Bella, wandering off alone when being hunted. I detest when that happens in stories, it makes her look really airheaded.
I had forgotten about irina. Is Abby’s mate Angela? Maybe she is Bella’s twin.
1/18/2023 c13 VryUnique
So phoebe is the twin and not Abby’s mate. So is one Alastair’s mate and one Laurent’s?
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