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for Kidnapped: 'Again'

10/22/2021 c5 3Wondla Master
Just wanted to mention, Danny doesn't have a Hero Complex (which is wanting to be the center of attention so much that one will go out of their way to create problems in order to later solve them themselves). Danny has a White Knight syndrome; a need to help others so much that the person will go out of their way to help, even at great costs to themselves and are willing to accept very little reward if any at all.

Other than that, this is pretty great so far! Can't wait to see where it's going!
6/28/2021 c10 ElizabethBathog
This is good. Thank you for writhing it and update it when you can
6/8/2021 c10 LilyG456
Please update soon!
3/15/2020 c6 5TharAmira
Uh... Dude, I think you meant eighth century, not eighth millennium? Because we're only in the second millennium AD as of now and if you meant eighth millennium BC Vikings weren't around yet at the time.
11/25/2019 c10 18KillgarraghForever
By cloning yourself, idiot.
11/25/2019 c7 KillgarraghForever
They think Danny's an Einherjar? Well, it is plausible, and it'd be awesome if the Hunters left cause they were scared that Odin would send Valhalla's mythical warriors after them.
11/25/2019 c3 KillgarraghForever
Hahaha! Yes! They meet! Hilarity shall ensue from here on out!
11/25/2019 c1 KillgarraghForever
Well, that was smart.

Do you think that if Vlad got a lonely-guy cat, he'd call it Maddie?
9/11/2019 c10 25Miko in training
This is a brilliant story. I did notice one thing. I believe it was in chapter 6. When Hiccup was getting out of bed. You had said feet and boots. Hiccup has a fake leg. It would be foot and boot, not plural. Which also brings up something from the second chapter. Ryker never mentioned the lack of missing leg. True, he said something was different, but it was never mentioned. Not complaining, just noticing.

Keep up the good work. I know how busy life can get.
6/2/2019 c10 mariapotter1
Oh yes! I can't wait to read another chapter. I love how you portray Vlad.
5/28/2019 c10 AG
Oh thank god for those last two lines, for a sec I was worried they forgot about Danny. Also love that headcannon about ghosts going insane or whatever it is without ectoplasm. Hopefully this new character can help Danny find a way home... or his friends do (and I see that you seem to be easing Vlad into some kinda redemption arc, but I kind of hope he doesn't heel-face-turn too quickly because I'd find that hard to believe)
Hope to see more soon!
5/18/2019 c10 6Fear the Fuzzy Bear
Rereading through entirety makes me like this story even more. Take ur time, we love u!
5/9/2019 c10 Winter's Folly
Hmmm. The girlie should stay, her talent to get lost may have a direct translation to an ability to find natural portals easily when alive.

Like p-chan, the lost boy of Ranma 1/2 series. Natural portals attracted to his family's blood could explain /so much/.
5/6/2019 c10 Guest
cool! I wouldn't keep the ghost girl but it's up to you.
5/7/2019 c10 1tomahawkESP
Easy, tell a half truth. Danny should tell them that he was cursed by a warlock or some shit, to live a half life for all eternity, but Danny made the best of it and uses his powers to help people and put spirits to rest. Or something like that.
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