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for I'm Ladybug! Or am I?

12/8/2018 c2 NBoss01
This is pretty interesting...
5/7/2018 c2 6Savvywolf
MAAAHHHH! GAHHHH! OH! NO! I'm interested but also worried! Oh NO!
4/5/2018 c2 14coolygirl5130
Oh man I'm hooked. Can't wait to find out where this story leads. I can only assume that the reason she remembers is because she was transformed when the akuma either hit her directly, or used his/her power on all of Paris and Chat/Adrien wasn't transformed. Assuming it's a group affect and not on one individual stuck in a parallel world. I assume the akuma is also hiding among the staff or patients. Either way, I'm excited to read more! XD
4/3/2018 c2 1Grapefruit101
please ccontinue this story ir really like it so much
12/12/2017 c2 holachiwawa
More sooonn? 2 months already! This story has sooooo much potential. Update more and it will attract more favourite and follow! Really exited to read the whole story!
11/22/2017 c1 9Daphne Powell
it's been so long since you last updated! Excited for more, it's going well so far. A pretty unique and good idea too.
10/3/2017 c2 greenoak1
woah... i’ jesus christ this messes me up... i’m so excited to see more of this in the future! this seems like a really good idea.
9/2/2017 c1 Guest
This is so strange but... interesting. I hope Adrien isn't crazy so Marinette has someone who is just as confused as her.
9/2/2017 c2 139KagamiPINKAgreste
So much a nightmarish time. Ms. Mendeleiev is the best & most respectful worker there I could actually see that. ;-) Ms. Bustier is Marinette's personal nurse, I wonder who is Adrien's own? Ms. Bustier & Marinette getting ready in the restroom that was funny. Seriously Mari's thoughts to kill HawkMoth for all this were right. I believe Kitty would help The Bug kill HawkMoth too. He wouldn't want to stop you.

Damn it Dupain-Cheng, YES ADRIEN IS CAT NOIR! No the two don't have completely different personalities. ADRIEN'S BLACK CAT RING! PLAGG NO! I knew it was coming still doesn't make it any easier. To know it's gone too. Adrien has to know this all this isn't real. Purrlease tell he is taking THAT! Everyone with their things Alya her phone, Chole her mirror unhealthy obsession? Well that's added more craziness here.
9/2/2017 c2 LadybugLover21
9/2/2017 c2 6RapidSammi
This is so weird...
I love it :o
8/30/2017 c1 38Lady of the Wifi
Interesting... can't wait to see what happens!
8/30/2017 c1 9Daphne Powell
ooooh great idea! Well written too, would really like more!
8/30/2017 c1 LadybugLover21

Let me guess... The flash of light Akuma's beam.
8/30/2017 c1 1AspenMarie
This is such a great idea! You did a great job of creating an air of confusion that the reader can sense. I seriously hope you write more as this has so much potential! Love it!
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